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Alkaline Mineral Water – the Energy Booster!

8th September, 2014
Kids jumping full of energy

Let’s break that title down.

Alkaline mineral water = hydration

Hydration = energy boost

It’s true! Nothing will boost your energy levels better than becoming properly hydrated. And to become hydrated the body needs alkaline mineral water.  Notice that there were two important words before the word ‘water’—alkaline and mineral. For cellular hydration, water must be both alkaline and mineralised.

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by Janet Parker, CEO

5 Reasons why you should drink Alkaline Water

27th August, 2014

Drinking filtered alkaline mineral water is foundational for longevity and wellbeing. Water is required for every biological function of the body – circulation, assimilation, digestion, elimination, temperature control and even thought. Our body is made up of 75% water and our brain is 91%, so by drinking water we replenish the water lost on a daily basis. Without water, even the best vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed or made available for cellular processes and proper bodily function. We need water as much as we need air. Yet it is easy to forget how completely we depend on it.

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by Vanessa Drummond, Co-Founder zazen

10 Tips for an Alkaline Body

20th August, 2014

As an old (former!) athlete, I understand the importance of alkaline body to health and longevity.  So what are the top 10 things I would recommend for an alkaline body?  Here they are ….. 

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by Janet Parker, CEO

Adrenal Fatigue – are you in fight, fright or freeze mode?

12th August, 2014

In our natural state of being, we are cool, calm and collected. When both sides of our brain are functioning, our body temperature is regulated and we may focus on whatever it is that we must do. When our adrenals are activated and consequently fatigued, our corpus callosums (which normally allow our brains to gather information from their right and left sides) shut down, reverting us to our primal instincts. We are forced into ‘fight, flight or freeze’ (adrenal fatigue) and get hot and sweaty as our bodies go on guard, becoming confused. Our breath becomes shallow and fear, anxiety, and stress start to settle in as our thought processes stop and we become scattered. We may then try to reclaim the control we have lost by desperately seeking control over other things or people. By becoming control freaks, we then allow ourselves to procrastinate from the pursuit of our ultimate visions.

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by Sharon Tal, Kinesiologist & zazen Partner

Another viewpoint on Obesity

6th August, 2014

I want to explore an alternative viewpoint on obesity.

Having come out of the Fitness Industry, the ongoing attitude is that people who are overweight simply eat too much of the wrong stuff and don’t exercise enough.

Maybe that is so. But I am more interested in why that is.

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by John Toomey, Nutritionist

Alkaline water – what’s all the fuss?

28th July, 2014
Delicious mountain spring water

Alkaline and acidic have become pretty big buzzwords in the health industry, so what’s all the fuss about? As the Wellness generation grows and prospers, people are looking for simple, accessible ways to optimise their physical and inner health. Most people think food, nutrition, yoga and exercise. But imagine if there was a way to optimise your health and improve your life just by changing the water you drink every day. Well there is.

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by Janet Parker, CEO

How do I test water pH?

21st July, 2014

If you are taking steps to improve your health and well-being, it is satisfying to see concrete improvements in health markers that are visible and measurable. Improving your body’s hydration at a cellular level is something that can be measured instantly and easily when you test water pH of your tap water comparing it to your zazen water.

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by Vanessa Drummond, Co-Founder zazen

Feel Happy and Grateful

14th July, 2014

YOU have the power to be happy and grateful – really truly happy today, right now! True happiness is much more than just a smile on your face. 

It’s how you choose to see the world around you and what you feel inside. Follow these 7 tips to create a more joyful and satisfying life!

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by Vanessa Drummond, Co-Founder zazen

H302 Living Water (exclusion zone water)

28th June, 2014
Highly Structured Water

Water is underappreciated! Your muscle consists of over 99 percent water molecules, but the water in your cells is not regular water, but highly structured water with special properties. It is also known as exclusion zone water or ez water defined by Dr Gerald Pollack.

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by Janet Parker, CEO

Am I properly hydrated?

14th June, 2014

Many of us know we should drink more water, but do you know if you are drinking enough each day?

Well the good news is, there's a few simple things you can do to make sure you are keeping your body properly hydrated.

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by Vanessa Drummond, Co-Founder zazen

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