What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water?

zazen Alkaline Water is a living, energised water with a balanced range of minerals which are all essential in assisting your body to hydrate, release toxins and aid in general energy flow and wellbeing.  It has been designed to emulate water our ancestors would have drunk from pristine mountain streams and springs. It is a living, highly bioavailable water.

What is the Science behind Alkaline Water?

Scientists studying the health and longevity of many of the world’s oldest and healthiest people discovered the secret lay in the quality of the water they drank every day. They understood the use of water for its curative power was among the earliest “healing” practices of mankind. Indeed, drinking or bathing in springs, streams or pools for therapeutic purposes predates recorded history. In various cultures water has been touted for its healing powers attributed to mineral properties, thermal effects and even supposed supernatural qualities. Legendary “fountains of youth” and reputed miraculous healing shrines like those in Lourdes, France are one example.

Scientists Discover How Water Transforms into the “Water of Life”
What scientists discovered was that water underwent a transformation as it bubbled and cascaded over mineral rocks in pristine mountain streams and as it gushed from underground springs. They discovered that indeed – not all water was the same! That this water had the essential properties that enhanced life and they called it ... “Water of Life”.

Modernisation and Toxins in Our Drinking Water

Due to global contamination of ground water and municipal chemical water treatment, the question was asked by Western Society How do we create safe drinking water? The answer -  basic water filters, distilled water, reverse osmosis, water ionisers and bottled water - while arguably clean, do nothing to restore water’s original natural healthy life sustaining state. So we asked a different question... 

What are the Key Properties of Water that Support Life? 

The answer, simply: 

  • Your water must be clean; toxins, contaminants & known cancer causing chemicals must be filtered out – so your body is not acting as the filter (because over time some of these chemicals do cause illness and disease in your body!)
  • Your water must contain a balanced range of alkaline minerals required for optimum absorption (hydration) by the body, these minerals also help release toxins and metabolic waste which supports your body staying in an alkaline state, the ideal state for health and wellbeing.
  • Your water should be structured – that is it is hexagonal in shape with clusters small enough for absorption at a cellular level, the body readily accepts structured water enhancing hydration.

With this understanding, zazen set out to find state-of-the-art water technologies that created those same essential water qualities that supported longevity and health in some of the world’s oldest and healthiest people. Today, in collaboration with leading Japanese, USA and Korean water scientists, zazen have recreated Mother Nature’s water secret in the zazen Alkaline Water system, designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand water supplies. The zazen Alkaline Water system offers you the same exceptional quality for optimum hydration and health in harmony with the body’s modern day water and health need.

We know your body will love you for it!

The Properties and Benefits of Drinking zazen Alkaline Water

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