Why drink Alkaline Water?

Why drink alkaline water? You may not know it, but so many of us follow an acidic diet and lifestyle. When you combine this with everyday stresses, your body struggles to get enough of what it needs to flourish. This can lead to a lack of energy and low immunity among other things.

To counter this and improve your overall health and wellbeing, it makes sense to consider adding more alkalising foods, and alkaline water, into your diet. Drinking a healthy amount will, in turn, unlock the benefits of alkaline water, such as reducing toxins in your body and improving hydration.

If you’re still wondering: ‘why should I drink alkaline water?’, this article provides some of the main reasons to drink alkaline water, including improved hydration, body pH balance and increased energy levels. 

Not all water is the same

Alkaline Water Improves Hydration

Hydration provides increased energy and vitality and can allow you to lead a longer and healthier life. And alkaline water contains a balanced range of electrolyte minerals, which are essential for rehydration.

An electrolyte is simply an alkaline mineral, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. These help keep the water in the body balanced (more on this later), carry impulses along the nerves, help muscles contract and relax, and prevent your body from becoming too acidic.

Your Body's Many Cries for Water

Alkaline water consumption has been supported by wellness advocates for centuries. One example is F. Batmanghelidj’s (M.D.) book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, which takes us back to the basics, and helps shed light on why so many of us have either not recognised or misunderstood the symptoms our body gives to suggest dehydration. 

He advises that the cause of many basic ailments could be relieved through not just filtered water but natural mineral salts within our water to achieve essential cellular hydration, just as Mother Nature intended. This is exactly what the zazen Alkaline Water Filter System does.
But does alkaline water rehydrate faster or more effectively than regular tap water? In one landmark sports nutrition study, participants were given water after their workout. Half drank alkaline water, half regular purified water. Those who consumed alkaline water had their blood viscosity reduced by about 6.30%, compared to 3.36%. 

Blood viscosity is a measurement of hydration. When you have a low blood viscosity, your hydration level is higher. This highlights how alkaline water has an increasing hydrating effect through blood viscosity versus regular water. 

So not only is alkaline water packed with electrolytes to hydrate your body well, it has also been proven to hydrate more effectively than regular water. 

Alkaline Water Improves Body pH Balance

Your body’s pH balance is such an important factor to your general health and wellbeing. For optimum health, our bodies need to maintain a good level of alkalinity, typically between 7.35 and 7.45. Drinking alkaline water regularly helps you achieve this pH balance.

Having an ideal body pH of around 7.4 is essential because an imbalance in pH can lead to sickness and disease through, for example, acidosis (low body pH - less than 7.35) and alkalosis (high body pH - higher than 7.45).


pH scale of wellbeing

Acidosis occurs when your body fluids contain too much acid and your body can’t keep its pH levels balanced. Many of the body’s processes produce acid. Your lungs and kidneys usually compensate for slight imbalances, but problems can lead to excess acid accumulating in your body.

A more acidic body heightens the risk of infections from bacteria and viruses, which thrive in an acidic environment. 

This can lead to, among other symptoms:

  • Low energy
  • Weight gain
  • Poor digestion
  • Various aches and pains

Alkalosis can occur due to decreased blood levels of carbon dioxide, which is an acid. It can also occur due to too much bicarbonate in the blood. As the pH balance of blood increases, the protein in the blood becomes more ionised into anions. This causes the free calcium present in blood to bind strongly with protein. 

Alkalosis can be caused by an electrolyte imbalance, which can be corrected by drinking plenty of fluids or drinks that contain electrolytes. Luckily, you can help avoid the symptoms of alkalosis like dizziness, difficulty breathing, confusion and stupor by ensuring your alkaline water consumption is balanced. 

That’s the key to zazen’s philosophy and purpose: to provide a balanced alkaline mineral water that has both an alkaline benefit to the body and is ideal for cellular hydration. In other words, our alkaline water helps neutralise the acid-base in your body and in the process helps balance your body’s pH.

Alkaline Water Increases Energy Levels

Unlike most tap and bottled water varieties, alkaline water contains key electrolytes and minerals that are good for recovery and beating fatigue.

Some common minerals found in mineral water include:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • sodium
  • bicarbonate
  • iron
  • zinc

These are known to regulate blood pressure, blood glucose levels, nerve function and the digestive system, promote blood circulation, maintain strong bones, and regulate your heart rate.

mother with children doing homework

Returning to the first reason to drink alkaline water, adequate hydration is required for the brain to function, focus, concentrate and remember properly. The human body manifests dehydration by symptoms, like tiredness, anger, quick reaction, depression. These signs are caused by the brain having very little energy to cope or take action.

Then returning to our second reason for alkaline water consumption, too much acid in the body can result in the loss of energy, increase in fatigue and drowsiness. As it is established that alkaline water helps reverse acidic levels in the body, it can also restore energy levels that were withdrawn. 

Thus, by using key electrolytes to hydrate your body effectively and reduce the amount of unhealthy acid in your body, it’s no surprise so many people trust alkaline water to increase and maintain their energy levels. 


So, why drink alkaline water? That’s the question we posed at the start of this article. Hopefully, after reading about its hydrating qualities, balanced pH properties and electrolytes for increased energy levels, you’re asking: why drink anything else? 

zazen’s Alkaline Benchtop Water Filter System  is an affordable, state-of-the-art process that provides you with a balanced range of alkaline minerals for maximum hydration and nourishment. 

Find out more about alkaline water, and about our holistic health and wellbeing philosophy, over on our blog. Hydrate your body and mind at zazen.