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John Toomey Hydration Audio – Effects of Dehydration

2nd April, 2019

In this 20 minute audio wellness expert John Toomey, who’s background is in exercise physiology, having served seven different AFL clubs as either a conditioning coach, or a nutritionist, or both. One of his passions, over the last 33 years, has been the whole topic of hydration, and human beings optimising their hydration as a way of really optimising their chances of attaining excellent health.

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by John Toomey, Nutritionist

Fat for Fuel & Why Calories Don’t Matter

27th September, 2017

Foreword by Janet Parker, zazen Water CEO & Co-Founder:

Fat for Fuel & why it’s important

I wanted to share one of the most significant “health” books I have read in the last 10 years! You may already be aware of this book; it’s called Fat for Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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by Janet Parker, CEO

Preventing Fatigue to Optimise Your Potential

29th April, 2015
Alkaline water with berries and fruits

Fatigue is a normal part of life. If you live a busy life, by the end of a normal day you will feel some degree of fatigue. For many, a good night’s sleep handles their general fatigue.

The first distinction I am going to ask in relation to fatigue is this. Are you seeking to reduce your fatigue or are you seeking to optimise your energy, endurance and capacity to stay focused on the job at hand?

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by John Toomey, Nutritionist

What is the cause of dehydration and how can I clear it?

18th December, 2014

All nutrition is affected by dehydration. I regularly hear from clients and students who have been drinking over two litres of water a day, taking magnesium and are still dehydrated and magnesium deficient.

If you suffer from:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's
  • ….. and probably a multitude of other health problems you are dehydrated and magnesium deficient.

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by Philip Rafferty, Kinergetics

Pure Water and Essential Oils – Best Buddies!

10th November, 2014
Citrus essential oils

There’s a lot of talk about water, and hydrating properly. Equally there is a lot of confusion about the matter too!  I’ve always said, water is crucial to any health regime, you simply can’t go through a day without it, and the quality of the water is so important.

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by Annie Clark, Author & Health Consultant

Adrenal Fatigue – are you in fight, fright or freeze mode?

12th August, 2014

In our natural state of being, we are cool, calm and collected. When both sides of our brain are functioning, our body temperature is regulated and we may focus on whatever it is that we must do. When our adrenals are activated and consequently fatigued, our corpus callosums (which normally allow our brains to gather information from their right and left sides) shut down, reverting us to our primal instincts. We are forced into ‘fight, flight or freeze’ (adrenal fatigue) and get hot and sweaty as our bodies go on guard, becoming confused. Our breath becomes shallow and fear, anxiety, and stress start to settle in as our thought processes stop and we become scattered. We may then try to reclaim the control we have lost by desperately seeking control over other things or people. By becoming control freaks, we then allow ourselves to procrastinate from the pursuit of our ultimate visions.

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by Sharon Tal, Kinesiologist & zazen Partner

Another viewpoint on Obesity

6th August, 2014

I want to explore an alternative viewpoint on obesity.

Having come out of the Fitness Industry, the ongoing attitude is that people who are overweight simply eat too much of the wrong stuff and don’t exercise enough.

Maybe that is so. But I am more interested in why that is.

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by John Toomey, Nutritionist

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