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zazen Magnetic Tap

1200 gauss magnetic energy restructures & oxygenates water

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Product Description

The zazen Magnetic Tap plays an important role in the overall process of the zazen Alkaline Water system.  After the water has gone through several layers of filtration to remove contaminants, and is then exposed to natural mineral stones to remineralise and alkalise the water, the water flows out through the 1200 gauss magnetic tap which performs the following actions:

  • Surrounds the water with magnetic energy – just as spring water is exposed to the earth’s magnetic energy.
  • Restructures – magnetising water creates a free flowing hexagonal structure and also breaks down the size of the water clusters for faster, immediate cellular hydration.
  • As the water tumbles through the magnetic tap, oxygen is increased (a natural anti-oxidant).
Looking for parts for your Nikken PiMag System? 

All zazen parts fit the Nikken PiMag 15 and 10 litre systems. For more information, click here.


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Restructuring & Magnetising


1200 gauss magnet


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zazen Alkaline Water System

Also fits Nikken PiMag 15 and 10 litre systems.

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1 review for zazen Magnetic Tap

  1. 5 out of 5


    “I LOVE my Zazen water! I swear it is the closest I can get to good pure mountain water without going to the mountain! My eyes were much clearer within the first week and even my basil plant is so happy now that I've been watering it with Zazen! Can't thank you enough! 

    Feel free to quote me :)"

    Sophia Warren, Edge Hill Qld

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