3 Reasons to replace
your parts on time

3 Reasons to replace your parts on time

For thousands of customers, zazen Water Systems have become an integral part of their daily lives, providing just one simple way to support their vitality and wellbeing each and every day. This means drinking water with fewer contaminants, chemicals or nasty toxins, and which contains a balanced range of alkaline minerals that tastes great while hydrating you at a cellular level for improved energy, mood and behaviour.

So apart from topping it up, or wiping the ceramic filter occasionally, it’s easy to “set and forget” your system and simply enjoy the benefits of healthy, alkaline mineral water on tap. And with most parts only needing to be replaced every 6-12 months, allowing timeframes to slip by a few weeks, or even a month, might not seem so important. But in order to ensure your system continues to mimic Mother Nature’s process – producing water with peak purity, alkalinity and balanced with electrolyte minerals – then systematic maintenance is essential. Here are 3 key reasons to replace your parts on time:
  1. Reduced Chemicals

    When functioning optimally, your zazen Water System filters out more than 99.98% of chlorine and up to 90% of fluoride from your drinking water. The multi-stage filtration system also helps to significantly reduce other chemicals commonly found in water, including copper, lead, iron, and aluminium. Over time, the filters get full and become less effective at reducing these acidic contaminants, which not only impacts our health, but can also affect the taste of your water.

  2. Reduced Microplastics

    Despite common beliefs, microplastics aren’t just found in our oceans and waterways; they’re also present in our tap water, remaining even after bulk water treatment processes. The Ceramic Filter in your water system plays the biggest role in trapping these chemical-laden particles (up to .02 micron), which becomes visible as the filter discolours. While this part can, and should, be wiped clean regularly, the ceramic will gradually deteriorate, eventually becoming less adept at trapping these particles.

  3. Reduced Organic Matter

    Not everything classed “organic” is good for human consumption. Mould, fungus, toxins, and even rust from old pipes are examples of organic matter commonly found in water that can have adverse impacts on our health. Replacing the various filters in your zazen Water System as scheduled will enable it to greatly reduce these naturally occurring, yet harmful, contaminants. 

System Anatomy: Crucial Parts, Working in Sync

Your zazen Water System has 5 different parts that work in synergy to create healthy, alkaline mineral water. In order to deliver the optimal benefits, the components need to be replaced at specific times to work effectively. Here is a closer look at the replaceable parts of your system, and the different roles they play:

Multi-stage filter Cartridge
Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
6 Months*
Crucial to reducing acidic contaminants, such as chlorine, in your water. For effective fluoride reduction of up to 90%, it is very important to change the Filter Cartridge on time.
zazen Ceramic Water Filter Ceramic Filter
12 Months^

Plays a critical role in pre-filtering large contaminants (>0.2 micron) including rust, bacteria, ecoli, giardia and other organic matter. The Ceramic Filter deteriorates over time and should be replaced as scheduled to ensure the Filter Cartridge is free to effectively filter the heavy metal and fluoride from your water.

zazen Silver Stones Silver Stones (red/brown)
12 Months

Holding anti-bacterial properties, the Silver Stones should be replaced annually to conserve the freshness and health of the water in the bottom tank.

zazen Alkalinity & Antioxidant Enhancer Alkalinity & Antioxidant Enhancer
12 Months

Releasing ionised magnesium and calcium, timely replacement of the Alkalinity Enhancer balls will help to boost your water’s pH level.

zazen Mineral Stones Mineral Stones (blue/grey)
5 Years
The Mineral Stones contain a balanced range of natural minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silicon, which deplete over time. Replacing them will help to balance, fortify and assist with the pH level, while also increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

* sooner if using >12 Lt/day
^ 6 months if using tank or bore water

You’ve chosen zazen Water to help you live a longer, healthier life. So when it comes to maintaining your system and replacing parts, follow our simple schedule and help ensure that the water you drink each and every day is the best it can possibly be. 

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