3 Reasons to Replace Your Parts on Time

For thousands of our customers, their zazen Water System has become an integral part of daily life, providing a perfect way to support vitality and wellbeing each and every day.

Regular, on-time filter & stones replacement is essential to ensuring your zazen Alkaline Water System continues to mimic Mother Nature’s process. This means your drinking water maintains:

1. Peak Purity
2. Optimum Alkalinity
3. Balance with electrolyte minerals

When functioning optimally, your zazen Water System filters out more than 99.98% of chlorine and up to 90% of fluoride from your drinking water. The 10-stage filtration system also helps to significantly reduce other chemicals and heavy metals commonly found in water, including copper, lead, iron, and aluminium.

Over time, the filters get full and become less effective at reducing these acidic contaminants, which not only impacts our health, but can also affect the taste of your water.

So, apart from topping it up and wiping the ceramic filter regularly, it’s easy to “set and forget” your system, simply enjoy the benefits of healthy, alkaline mineral water on tap. Most parts only need replacing every 6-12 months and our complimentary customer reminder service will remove the guess work, reminding you of the important time frame when parts need replacing.

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5 Replacement Parts You Need to Change on Time for the zazen Alkaline Water System

Your zazen Water System has 5 different parts that work in synergy to create healthy, alkaline mineral water. Here is a closer look at the replaceable parts of your system, and the different roles they play:

Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge

Replace every 6 months or sooner if using >12 litres per day.
Once placed in your zazen Water system, the Filter Cartridge has a maximum life of 6 months, regardless of the volume of water filtered. If you have a large family, or busy office/clinic, using over 12 litres / day, you may need to change your filter cartridge sooner. For effective fluoride reduction of up to 90%, it is very important to change this filter every 6 months at a maximum.
Ceramic Filter

Replace every 12 months or every 6 months if using tank or bore water.
This filter deteriorates over time with use and cleaning, therefore, we recommend it is replaced every 12 months. The quality of the incoming source water to be filtered will impact the ceramic filter’s longevity. This can be seen typically through the build-up/discolouration noted on the exterior of the dome over time. Customers using tank/bore water, or if you have municipal tap water passing through very old pipes causing significant rust and organic matter build-up, then you may consider replacement earlier. It plays a critical role in pre-filtering large contaminants (greater than 0.2 micron) from your water, such as bacteria, E. coli, giardia and other organic matter, so they do not clog up the Filter Cartridge, impacting its ability to do its heavy metal and fluoride filtering at an effective level.
Silver Stones (red/brown)

Replace every 12 months.
Conserve the freshness and health of the water in the bottom tank due to their anti-bacterial properties. This is very important particularly in the warmer summer months to reduce the possibility of algae developing and so should be replaced every 12 months.
Alkalinity & Antioxidant Enhancer

Replace every 12 months.
These little white balls help boost the pH of the water due to the ionised magnesium and calcium being released into the water. Recommended to replace every 12 months which is very important for any source water with low pH levels eg acidic waters - desalinated water, tank water, reverse osmosis water, etc.
Mineral Stones (blue/grey)

Replace every 5 years.
These natural stones contain a balanced range of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silicon which help to balance, fortify and assist with the pH and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. They should be replaced every 5 years.

Do I need to Replace Parts for my zazen Shower Filter?

The answer is yes! As the zazen Shower Filter reduces up to 99% of chlorine, water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, copper, and other harsh chemicals, it’s essential to replace the filter cartridges every 12 months for our Handset & Raindrop Shower Filters and every 24 months for the zazen Streamline Shower Filters.

Your shower filter cartridge may need to be replaced sooner if the water stops flowing or the water flow rate begins to decrease.

Replacement Parts to Change on Time for zazen Shower Filters

Shower Filter Cartridge
Shower Filter Cartridge

Replace every 12 months.
The Shower Filter Cartridge reduces chlorine and heavy metals coming into contact with your body and hair when showering. This shower filter cartridge fits both the Handset & Raindrop Shower Filters.
Streamline Filter Cartridge
Streamline Filter Cartridge

Replace every 24 months.

The Streamline Filter Cartridge reduces chlorine and heavy metals coming into contact with your body and hair when showering. This shower cartridge fits the Streamline Shower Filter.

What If I’m Overdue to Replace The Parts?

If you are overdue to replace the parts in your water system or your shower filter, you should do so immediately. Without all the parts working together, you could be missing out on fresh, alkaline water with added natural minerals that help to achieve optimal health.

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