zazen Water Ambassador School Program

Our Mission as a Social Business Enterprise 

To create a generation of wellness children through educating them in the classroom on the benefits of hydration and by implementing enhanced learning environments with water technologies that improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Program addresses the fundamental need for children to be properly hydrated with the right quality water throughout the day.

If children (and adults) are not replacing the water they lose on a daily basis through breathing, perspiring and eliminating, which is 1 litre of water for every 25 kgs of body weight, then they are dehydrated. The cumulative effect of daily dehydration, is long term disease and illness.

We found that most children simply don’t choose to drink water because they don’t like the taste of it. zazen Alkaline Water fixes that – kids love the taste!

Many parents ask us if the foods and other drinks children have each day will also hydrate them. The answer is Yes, they can receive up to 20% of their daily water need from these sources, depending of course on what it is they are eating.

Our School Program Achievements So Far

  • We have graduated over 21,000 children as Water Ambassadors.

  • We have gifted over $650,000 of zazen Alkaline Water Systems and replacement parts into primary schools around Australia.

  • We have over 55 primary schools now setup with zazen Alkaline Water systems in classrooms.

My name is Alastair, I go to Kananook Primary school and I am in grade 4. Two days a week I come to Mahogany Rise Student Development centre at Mahogany Rise Primary School. At the S.D.C they help me learn to make good choices with my behaviour. When I started at the S.D.C I never liked water and I would never drink it, It always tasted horrible, funny and weird. 
I started to drink more water from your water fountain since I started to go to the S.D.C and I noticed that :-
 - I concentrated more after having water,
 - I don’t get as tired as I use to,
 - I have  lots more energy,
 - I don’t get sooky anymore because I drink more water than I ever have.

I want to say thank you for giving the S.D.C the water fountain and I think it is very generous of your company to provide the water fountain and to have it serviced regularly.
From, Alastair

Benefits to schools

To achieve our mission of having the very best quality water available to every child at school, at NO COST to the school, the zazen Water Ambassador School Program offers the following benefits to schools in our Program:

  • a zazen Alkaline Water system is placed FREE into each primary school classroom that actively chooses to participate in the Program. 
  • Ongoing replacement filters and stones are all provided to the school FREE – there is no ongoing cost to maintain the zazen Alkaline Water systems which are gifted to the school.

School Nomination Process

If you wish to understand how the zazen Water Ambassador School Program nomination process works, please read each of the following questions and answers. It is also important to read about the Program by downloading our Water Ambassador School Program brochure.

Can anyone nominate any local school?

No, you may nominate a primary or Special Needs school if you are one of the following:

  1. A current zazen Water customer with children attending the primary school you are nominating.
  2. A zazen Natural Health Practitioner partner willing to support your local school.
  3. You work with Special Needs children in a care / educational facility and understand the benefits of the zazen Alkaline Water system.

Do you market products to school parents?

No – there is no marketing or promotion of zazen Water products to the school or through the school to parents allowed by zazen Water, either directly or through any Natural Health Practitioner or Reseller associated with the school.

Do you only gift to Primary Schools and Special Needs?

Yes - a primary school classroom is able to take personal responsibility for their zazen Water System and care for it as the teacher and students use the same classroom every day. It is also the ideal age to teach children on the importance of water and hydration and the lessons provided by zazen.

    How many systems can a school receive?

    If a school is chosen for the Water Ambassador School Program by zazen Water – up to 10 classrooms will receive a zazen Alkaline Water System unless otherwise agreed with the school. If the school has more than 10 classrooms, additional zazen Water Systems for the remaining classrooms will be reviewed annually at the request of the School.  All System replacement parts are also supplied at no cost every 6 months to the school.  We do not place zazen Systems into common areas or staff rooms, only classrooms.

    What are my responsibilities as a Nominee?

    zazen Water as a small Social Business Enterprise do not have staff to manage each school or teach lessons. We rely on our local volunteers, parents, staff of the school etc. to assist us to do so.

    As a nominee we ask that you are able to assist receive and setup the gift systems initially in all classrooms and teach a lesson on the “Secret of Water” to each classroom receiving a system.

    Then every 6 months when replacement parts are due, to give the systems a clean and replace the filters and stones.  This is critical to the ongoing success of the zazen Water Ambassador School Program.

    What determines the Success of the Program?

    The zazen Water Ambassador School Program’s ongoing success is conditional on the following:

    1. Support by local parents who use and understand the zazen Alkaline Water system and its benefits – and can therefore assist with the management and cleaning of the systems (or a local Natural Health Practitioner with local knowledge).
    2. Commitment from the school Principal, Teachers and parents
    3. Commitment from the school to teach our basic “The Secret of Water” lesson and care for the systems in the classroom.

    What is the waiting list time?

    If the school qualifies and is enthusiastic and we have great local support then you can expect systems within 6 months depending on the time of year as we only gift twice per year, in 1st and 3rd terms. However this will be discussed once the nomination has been assessed.

    When do schools receive the free gift systems?

    zazen Water gift school systems twice a year (February at the beginning of Term 1 and August at the beginning of Term 3). Any school nominated is added to our nomination waiting list and the evaluation process is managed by Janet Parker our CEO and Co-founder.

    If you complete the Water Ambassador School Program Application form, Janet will contact you directly to discuss.

    Online Nomination Form

    Thank you for your support and desire to nominate a school for our Water Ambassador School Program.  

    We are currently working through a list of applications from our wonderful, enthusiastic customers and Partners, thank you!  We are now closed to new nominations and the online nomination form will be available again in the new year.

    Janet Parker, CEO, zazen Water

    Current Schools Onboard


    • Beechmont Primary School
    • Birali Steiner School
    • Buderim Mountain State School
    • Burnett State College
    • Currumbin Valley State School
    • Ingleside State School
    • Kalkie State School
    • Kin Kin State School
    • Kool Kids Ashmore
    • Maridahdi Learning Community
    • Montessori International School, Forest Glen
    • North Eton State School
    • St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Bundaberg
    • Western Suburbs Kindergarten Assoc.


    • Alexandria Park Community School
    • Bumblebees Berowra
    • Dunoon Public School
    • Fairfax Public School
    • Farmhouse Montessori School
    • Federal Community Children's Centre
    • Karuna Montessori Pre-School
    • Little Shearwater The Mullumbimby Steiner School
    • Narrabri Public School
    • Stanmore Public School
    • St Joseph’s Primary School, Quirindi


    • Ani Sonam
    • Echuca Primary School
    • Freshwater Creek Steiner, Geelong
    • Geelong Grammar Junior School
    • George Butcher CRU
    • Koonwarra Village School
    • Little River Primary School, Geelong
    • Mahogany Rise Primary School
    • Melbourne Montessori School - Brighton Campus
    • Mornington Park Primary School
    • Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Bayswater
    • Point Lonsdale Primary School
    • Prahran Mission
    • Queenscliff Primary School
    • Rosebud Secondary College
    • South Mornington Pre-School
    • St Mary's Primary School, Echuca
    • Sunrise Pre-School, North Fitzroy
    • Teesdale Primary School, Geelong
    • Torquay Primary School
    • Welton Primary School
    • Woodleigh Secondary School


    • Balunu Foundation
    • St Joseph's Catholic Learning Centre, Alice Springs
    • The Alice Springs Steiner School

    Teacher & Principal Testimonials

    “I had a zazen Alkaline Water system in my grade 7 classroom last term. At the end of term, the girls came up to me and said "Mrs King, we don't know whether you noticed, but we have noticed that since this water system has been in our classroom, none of us have been sick.”
    Maree King, Principal Middle School, NEGS Armidale

    “My students function better in the classroom when they are hydrated. They are more focused, have higher energy levels, have a balanced disposition, seem happier and learn far more readily. Overall, the children in my class function better since drinking zazen Alkaline Water throughout the day.”
    Desiree Wikaira, Teacher, Brisbane

    “I am drinking more water now and feel better.. not that I felt bad before .. I just feel better!”
    Wendy Ashley-Cooper
    B.A., Grad. Cert. Ed., B.A. (Hons), B. Ed., M. Ed.Admin, MACEL
    Principal, The Glennie School Toowoomba