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Regardless of what natural health discipline you practice, you know that water is foundational to wellbeing. Proper hydration improves performance and focus, boosts immune function, enhances sleep quality, reduces fatigue and headaches, and increases cellular energy flow. But not all water is good for our health, and not all water hydrates in the same way.

To get the best results for your clients, you need the right water.

The right  water is: 

  • Clean, with toxins, contaminants, microplastics & chemicals filtered out
  • Balanced with a range of alkaline minerals to aid absorption by the body
  • Structured with water clusters small enough for absorption at a cellular level

zazen Water crystal: structured to enable cellular hydration

In order to achieve optimal cellular hydration, water must be structured with a balanced range of alkaline minerals and electrolytes. Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and chloride balance the amount of water in the body, while also playing a critical role in allowing water to be readily absorbed directly into cells. Those benefits are why sports drinks are positioned as rapid hydration aids.

Sharing the gift of zazen as a Hydration Advocate benefits you and your clients


  • Enhance your clients’ treatment experience and results 
  • Become your clients’ trusted advisor, helping them understand that hydration is foundational in overall health and wellbeing


  • Support your business and family with a passive revenue stream   
  • Provide a product that supports wellness and complements your business 

Quirky Cooking is one of our Hydration Advocates with a focus on nutrition and gut health. They are a highly successful partner, and continue to grow as they share the gift of zazen.

"We love our zazen Water filter! I can really taste (and see and smell) the difference from tap water, and even from other filtered or bottled waters. One of the first changes we made in our home when we began working on our gut health was to filter both drinking water and shower water, to reduce toxins and avoid killing off the good bacteria in and on our bodies. I also really love that the zazen system remineralises our water, resulting in better cell hydration and improving the digestion of our food. I highly recommend zazen Water for your family's use!"

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking
Author of 'Life Changing Food'


  • Dedicated zazen Customer Relationship Manager (based in Brisbane)
  • Access to sales & marketing resources that will help grow your zazen business
  • Quick and easy online ordering 24/7
  • Flexible stock management options - ask us about drop shipping directly to your clients
  • Seamless service – we manage the customer reminder service including replacement part sales

Why choose zazen as your Hydration Partner?

zazen Water has been a recognised leader and trusted brand since we were established in 2008. We design and ethically source the highest quality, advanced products for Australia and New Zealand water supplies, to help families live a longer, healthier life.

Currently, more than 700 like-minded practitioners in the Natural Health industry across Australia enjoy the benefits of partnering with zazen:

  • Align with the Australian market leader in Cellular Hydration.
  • Offer the highest quality alkaline water product to your customers, with the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty and 90-day, 100% money back guarantee.
  • Support a social enterprise, helping to educate and hydrate Australian children. The zazen Water Ambassador Children’s program, “I know the Secret of Water”, was created to help children understand how water can improve how they feel, behave and perform.
  • Adopt a proven income model, as experienced by hundreds of existing partners making excellent wholesale margins.

What are we looking for in a hydration advocate?

We want to partner with those who share our passion for creating a wellness generation; who advocate for the health of family, friends and clients; who are driven to make a difference and who share the joy when lives are changed for the better.

Our Partners demonstrate the zazen core values of Excellence, Passion, Proactive, Integrity and Contribution (EPPIC) and share in the zazen core purpose of “Creating a Wellness Generation”.

Please note we are currently only accepting Natural Health Practitioners based in Australia.

Wellness Advocates

GAPS Practitioners

Health & Wellness Clinics

Health/Organic Retail Stores

Multi-modality clinics

Health Retreats

Natural Health Practitioners

Chiropractic Clinics

Naturopathic Clinics

Yoga/Health Studios

Personal Trainers

Gyms & More!

If that sounds like you, we get you! You’re our people.

Fiona Provan

BHSc. Hom

zazen Partner Relationship Manager

Fiona Provan is a registered Homeopathic Health Practitioner with 18+ years of industry experience.
Fiona focusses her energy on Vibrational Healing Philosophies; supporting Mind, Body & Spirit and the role Water Science plays within this.

Read more about Fiona

Caroline Scott


zazen Customer Relationship Manager

Caroline is a registered nutritionist with 20+ years of industry experience.

Caroline focuses on holistic nutrition and strongly believes in the prevention and reversing disease through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Read more about Caroline

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