Comparing Filters? Confused?

Filtering water is a great first step, but it is not enough. We are only 50% of the way there. To get the next 50% we must ask: What are the properties of water that support health and wellbeing? Read More »


I’m too Acidic, can Alkaline Water help?

zazen Water is perfect to help reduce the acidity in your body. All you need to do is drink it! The science of zazen Water, formulated by the world’s leading water scientists, is to ensure your body can hydrate at a cellular level. Cellular hydration supports the release of acids and toxins, helping create a more alkaline, balanced body. Read More »


Alkaline Water Benefits

The sole purpose of zazen Alkaline Water is to hydrate the body at a cellular level, which stimulates increased energy and vitality and can support a whole health strategy for a longer, healthier life.

The zazen Alkaline Water System creates water with the correct properties and structure to be absorbed into the body immediately… Read More »


How Does it Work?

zazen have recreated Mother Nature’s water cycle in the advanced 10-Stage zazen Alkaline Water System, designed specifically for Australian water supplies. The zazen Alkaline Water System offers you exceptional quality & delicious water for optimum hydration, essential to your wellness and longevity. Read More »


Water uniquely designed for cellular hydration

Foundational to your daily wellness strategy

  • Tastes great just like natural spring water

    Emulates Mother Nature’s water cycle filtering toxins and adding a balanced range of alkaline minerals.

  • State-of-the-Art 10 Stage Process

    Designed by zazen in Australia for local water conditions together with the world’s leading water scientists.

  • Creates alkaline mineral water naturally

    Our philosophy of creating alkaline mineral water naturally, not artificially, hydrates your body at a cellular level.

  • Easy to setup and maintain

    No plumbing, no electricity, environmentally friendly just like Mother Nature.

  • Only 5c a litre on tap in your kitchen!

    Drink it, wash your vegies in it, cook with it, fill the kettle and your pet’s water bowls!

  • Reduces fluoride & BPA free

    Safely and effectively reduces fluoride up to 90% plus heavy metals & other harmful toxins.

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Trusted by 3,475 Organic Stores and
Natural Health Practitioners across Australia

  • “zazen Water is filled with vitality. I’ve been drinking the water for over two years and being amazed from the difference in the quality in comparing to other water, from tap to bottled, I became a reseller as I totally believe in the product and the founders’ philosophy. As a Kinesiologist and a master in my field, I KNOW that hydration is highly important to our cells, it is vital to our kidney function and the adrenal glands for balanced performance. I recommend zazen to all who wish to be hydrated properly.”

    Sharon Tal, Founder, Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre

  • “What I go for is finding a water system that can deliver you the same water you get from a pristine mountain stream, in your home, in your workplace, in your school on demand, whenever you want it. The brilliant scientists who have designed the zazen system, have come up with a staged system where you can pour tap water or tank water in the top of the system and by the time its gone through its processes and gets into your glass or water bottle it is alive, vibrant mountain stream water and you can’t get better than that.”

    John Toomey, Nutritionist & International Speaker


Are you a Natural Health Practitioner or Organic Retail Store?

We partner with leading Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Organic Stores, Homeopaths, Personal Trainers, Kinesiologists, Health Retreats, and other professionals as they understand about the importance of hydrating the body at a cellular level. Share the benefits of optimum cellular hydration with your clients & customers today!

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  • Many thanks for your kind email reminder. Not only is your Product outstanding, but your Service is also second to none. The attached photo of my tabby cat Harry shows that he is thriving and in great health and so am I, thanks to drinking your filtered water daily.

    Fridelle, Sunshine Coast
  • “ Highly Recommend – I and my family drink much more water than before and definitely gives us a much healthier water for health & wellness xx

    Lisa McKenzie-Dowling
  • “ I love my Zazen water filter. Tastes wonderful, and I find I want to drink much more water than before. Highly recommend.

    Sue Cimino
  • “ I have to tell you I just had a shower with my new zazen shower filter and I almost leapt out of the shower with joy. It was so good. Why didn’t I do this earlier? Doesn’t matter. It’s done and I love it.

    Amanda Bigelow, Health Coach, Brisbane
  • “Loving my Zazen! Thank you 🙂

    Estie Esteban
  • “Best investment I've made in a long time. My cat can even tell the difference, he's lapping it up. Great Service, Great Product.

    Glenn Williams

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“ The current generation of children may be the first to have a shorter life expectancy
than the previous generation ”    New England Journal of Medicine