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Align with us and share the Gift of Hydration

zazen Water is a recognised leader and trusted brand which has been in business as a Social Business Enterprise since 2008. We currently partner with over 700 like-minded Natural Health Professionals and Advocates and Organic Stores all around Australia and New Zealand.

We design and ethically source for Australia and New Zealand water supplies, the highest quality, advanced products to create the zazen Alkaline Water System and Shower Filters, helping families live a longer, healthier life through peak cellular hydration and improved overall wellbeing and performance.

I have never believed in a product so much. It’s been life changing. My Son has mild autism (very mild) but I swear since we changed to Zazen his symptoms are almost none existent! To to the point where I’m seriously considering having him re-assessed! It’s seriously changing our life! I love it so much and to think I hated water before thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing product!!!

Amy Boulton, happy customer since 2016

Zazen was recommended to me by my naturopath. I have had my system for several years now and I drink about 4 litres of water a day plus use the filtered water for cooking and to water my indoor plants. I definitely recommend this company and its products. I especially appreciate the reminders when it is time to replace various parts of my Alkaline Water system.

Catherine Clyne, happy customer since 2014

I LOVE my zazen Water System so much! I have one in my home, at the Forage office and at my Chiropractic Practice. My Mum, Dad and brother all have a zazen Water System, I can't be anywhere without it!

Dr Damian Kristof
Chiropractor, Wellness Speaker
part of The Wellness Couch



We love our zazen Water filter! I can really taste (and see and smell) the difference from tap water, and even from other filtered or bottled waters. One of the first changes we made in our home when we began working on our gut health was to filter both drinking water and shower water, to reduce toxins and avoid killing off the good bacteria in and on our bodies. I also really love that the zazen system remineralises our water, resulting in better cell hydration and improving the digestion of our food. I highly recommend zazen Water for your family's use!

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking
Author of 'Life Changing Food'


Why choose zazen Water as your Hydration Partner

By joining the zazen Water Partner Program and sharing the gift of zazen Water with your family, friends and your customers you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Join the Australian Market Leader in Cellular Hydration, enabling you and your business to become a leader and trusted advisor regarding cellular hydration helping you, family, friends and customers live longer healthier lives
  • Offer the highest quality alkaline water product to your customers knowing zazen Water is uniquely designed using the highest quality components from Korea and the USA to support cellular hydration
  • By using highest quality design components we can offer you and your customers a 5 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee for 90 days… Peace of mind for you and your customers
  • Proven Income Model – over 700 partners experiencing excellent wholesale margins
  • Proven recurring income model – zazen Water proactively run a Customer Reminder Service Program for your customers ensuring they are drinking the best quality water and maximising their investment in zazen and their health!
  • Tailored account terms to assist streamline your cash flow
  • Secure Online Portal to place orders and manage your zazen business
  • Extensive Sales and Training collateral both printed and electronic
  • Partner Support from our expert team from 9am to 5pm Brisbane time on AU:1300 78 24 25 

What is zazen looking for in a Partner to share the Gift of Hydration

  • Passion for the health and wellbeing of your family, friends and customers
  • Want to a make a difference by contributing at a social level positively impacting all those around you 
  • Want to provide the best alkaline water solution to your family, friends and customers contributing to helping them live a longer, healthier life
  • Believe in “Customer First” and creating “Lifetime Relationships”
  • Are proactive in engaging and introducing beneficial health solutions to your family, friends and customers
  • Interested in a proven income model with recurring revenue potential 
  • Share and demonstrate the zazen core values of Excellence, Passion, Proactive, Integrity and Contribution (EPPIC)
  • Share in the zazen core purpose of “Creating a Wellness Generation”

If this sounds like YOU we would LOVE to hear from you - simply complete our online Partner Application Form and one our team will be in touch so we can start “Creating a Wellness Generation Together”.

Who Joins Us

Wellness Advocates, Health Stores, Practitioners and Influencers working in the following areas:

  • GAPS Practitioners, Health & Wellness Clinics, Retail Health / Organic Stores, Multi-Modality Clinics, Health Retreats, Natural Health Practitioners, Chiropractic Clinics, Naturopathic Clinics, Yoga Studios/Health Studios, Gyms/Personal Trainers and more!

Partner Program FAQs

I am a health professional - can I buy wholesale without reselling your products?

Yes, please call or email us and tell us about yourself. If you would also like extra brochures to share with others let us know and we will include with your personal or clinic system, thank you.

Is there a minimum I must sell?

No, our only requirement is that you keep your demonstration or personal water system up to date with replacement filters and stones, which we remind you when they are due.

What are your payment terms and methods?

We offer 7 to 30 day payment terms by direct bank transfer (agreed at the time of sign up and depending on your first order).

If you wish to pay using Visa or MasterCard we do charge a transaction fee of 1.34% (which is our cost from the bank).

Can you deliver directly to my customer & invoice me (drop ship)?

Yes - the customer gets a packing slip only along with the product ordered including installation guide, product brochures etc.

As the Partner, you manage the invoice and payment with your customers, not zazen. We then invoice you at your wholesale rate plus delivery.

Do you keep a record of my purchases and my customer purchases?

Yes, you give us that information when you place an order. Your customers and all their purchase history is registered against you as their Partner in our Customer Database.

Do you remind me when it's time for myself and my customers to replace filters and stones?

Yes - zazen has a state of the art customer management database (CRM). This means that we manage a complete database record of all your customers, including when and what they have purchased.

You can choose from 2 options in terms of managing your customers' replacement parts:

  1. You can hold stock of zazen replacement parts, and when your customers are due to replace their parts, we will email your customers directly and advise them to contact you as their Partner to make a purchase; or

  2. zazen Water can manage all the replacement reminders and sales directly with your customers, and there is no ongoing requirement from you to service them for their replacement parts.

If you are a retail store – we include a warranty card inside every zazen Alkaline Water system box. If this is sent back to us by the customer, we enter the details against you as the Partner. When the customer is due for filter replacements, we email them directly and inform them to visit your store or contact you to purchase their replacement parts.

Can I just sell water systems and have zazen service my customers?

Yes - this is option 2 above, just inform us when we set up your wholesale account.

Can I place orders online 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Yes, we have a secure Partner Site called the zazen Partner Portal which you login to from our web site. You will be sent a login and password when you join zazen as a Partner. You can access all marketing information, price lists and product support aids from this site and place orders online 24 x 7.

Where are you based and what is the delivery time for orders?

zazen head office is located in Brisbane and we deliver predominantly via Australia Post which provides order tracking via email and text message.

All orders received on a business day by 12 noon Brisbane time are shipped same day. All orders received after 12pm Brisbane time are dispatched on the next business day.

Click here to view our Shipping Timeframes.

What support material do you provide to Partners?

We have a range of support and marketing material for all our zazen Water products. Brochures and posters are available and can be ordered at our cost. Minimum order quantity is 50 per brochure. They are approx. 20 cents each to order, plus postage costs.

Once you join us, all support aids are detailed in the Partner Portal. We also send you a starter pack of brochures at no cost so you can get going straight away in promoting our products to your clients and customers.

What do I need to do to join the Partner Program?

Simply complete our zazen Partner Application form online.

We will call you to discuss further, and you will be sent our Partner Agreement which you need to agree to the terms and conditions before making your first wholesale purchase.

You need to already be using (or purchase) a zazen Alkaline Water system when you sign up to our program.

Can I nominate my local school for the Water Ambassador Program?

Absolutely. There are a number of responsibilities as part of nominating a local school to be part of our program which are detailed on the Water Ambassador School Program page.

You can nominate your local school using our online School Program registration form. Janet Parker, zazen's CEO manages this program and she will contact you directly. We ask you NOT to approach any school until you have first talked with Janet.

We gift each year and there is a waiting list – so your school nomination will go onto this list. When we accept a school and they accept us, we need support from the school council and principal and executive and teachers for it to be successful.

As the local zazen Representative, we need you to help install/setup the systems initially when they are gifted, as well as manage installing the filter replacements we send out automatically every 6 months. You may also be required to pop into the school from time to time to attend to any systems that may need maintenance.

zazen rely on local Practitioners and Partners to assist with the Water Ambassador School Program (WASP) – we have no paid staff visiting schools and managing this program – it is solely community support. All lessons and support material are provided.

zazen Water supply at no cost to the school or parents all zazen Water systems, parts and replacement filters and stones. These are also delivered to the school 6 monthly at no cost by our head office team.

Can I sell your products at less than RRP?

Yes, you can offer discounts on our products if you market directly to your customer base via your own personal emails, letters or phone calls.

You cannot market zazen products at less than RRP on any public pages on your web site or on any public web site, including all auction site e.g. eBay, discount shopping sites, etc. You also cannot set up any Facebook, web page or other with the zazen Logo and brand as the key name for the site (this is covered in our Partner Agreement). This would make it unfair to all other Partners, and unfair to you, should we allow other Partners to do the same. 

You will see that on our zazen Web site we always sell all products at RRP. If we ever have a special online promotion, which we do from time to time, Partners are also given the same discounts/gifts.

How much does it cost to be a Partner?

There is no fee or subscription cost with our Partner Program. The only costs incurred are when you order products for sale, or marketing materials such as brochures.

What is your refund policy on product purchases?

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. You manage this directly with your customer, please inform us if there is an issue so we can assist with resolution. Often, the customer just requires additional assistance or information on how the prooduct is meant to work.

If a customer sends back a system or product, we will refund you the purchase amount less shipping fees. You manage the refund back to your customer and we ask this is done in a timely and professional manner of course. The product must be returned to zazen.