Where East meets West:


Despite being such an essential element in our body’s functioning and overall wellness, very few people realise that not all water is the same.

In order to shift our thinking about water, we looked at the different philosophies towards water from around the world. Ultimately, we adopted a philosophy that takes a holistic view surrounding health and wellbeing. Informed by in-depth research, this philosophy has driven every part of our business, from our purpose to our product design. Where East meets West is where zazen found its strength.

East vs West - A different perspective

The East and the West ask fundamentally different questions when it comes to issues relating to health and wellbeing. The same can be said for their approach to water.

The Western Perspective

The modern-day West prioritises safety, and this is, of course, a good thing. As Western society developed and recognised the association between water and the spread of disease, it addressed the question of 'How do we make our drinking water safe?' This is achieved through public water treatment facilities, desalination, basic water filtration and bottled water.

 These methods are familiar, convenient, cheap and “safe”. However, this approach creates a host of new challenges.

Desalination treatment plant in Perth, Western Australia.

Issues with Western Water: 

  • The treatment process not only filters to remove the bad toxins, it can also strip the water of the naturally occurring good (life sustaining) properties, including minerals.
  • The treatment process adds chlorine to kill the nasties, creating a new carcinogenic chemical (THMs) which has links to cancer.
  • The water is not balanced or structured for optimal cellular hydration. Our bodies become the filter before attempting to absorbing it.

Water is far more than just H20!

The Eastern Perspective: water contains properties to support life.

The Eastern Perspective

For thousands of years, the East has taken a very different philosophy when it comes to water.

With an inherently more natural approach to wellbeing, the East asks 'What are the properties of water that support life?'


  • Be clean and filtered from toxins, contaminants & chemicals.
  • Contain a balanced range of alkaline minerals required in the water for absorption by the body.
  • Be structured in small, hexagonal clusters for optimal hydration at a cellular level.

The zazen Perspective

Taking elements of both Eastern and Western philosophies, we ask how can we offer all the best elements of water? By asking this question, we go further than other water filter systems in the world today. We are focused on producing the right water for the body to hydrate, support wellbeing, and help you live a longer, healthier life.

Mother Nature does much more than filter water - it adds minerals and energy essential for hydration.

zazen Water crystal: structured to enable cellular hydration

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