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Does the zazen system remove fluoride?

The zazen Alkaline Water system has been designed to selectively remove and reduce chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals and many of the harmful toxins in our drinking water – whilst retaining the beneficial minerals critical for life and proper hydration. 

The zazen Alkaline Water system emulates Mother Nature’s natural water cycle which includes filtration and then the rebalancing of water with life giving beneficial minerals and energy. 

With regard to Fluoride, independent tests have shown the zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge naturally removes up to 90% of the fluoride. As with any natural filtration system, reduction will reduce with volume of water through the filter, so it is critical that the zazen Filter Cartridge is replaced as recommended every 6 months at a maximum, 4 months for a large household, office or clinic.

How often do I need to replace the parts?

Your zazen Alkaline Water system has 5 different parts that need to be replaced at specific times:

Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
Every 6 months (if using more than 12 litres per day, you should replace sooner)
Ceramic Filter
Every 12 months (if you use tank/bore water, you may need to change it every 6 months depending on how well you pre-filter your tank water)
Silver Stones (red/brown)
Every 12 months
Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer
Every 12 months
Mineral Stones (blue/grey)
Every 5 years

Do the zazen system parts fit the Nikken PiMag system?

YES all zazen Water filters and of course stones are compatible with the Nikken PiMag 10 & 15 litre systems sold in Australia and New Zealand – currently over 7,000 Nikken PiMag customers purchase zazen Water replacement parts!

The zazen Water Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge is designed specifically for Australian water supplies and removes up to 90% of the fluoride in your drinking water.

zazen Water filters and stones carry the zazen Water Quality Guarantee – if you are not 100% happy we will refund your money within 90 days of purchase - read more here.

Ordering zazen Water parts helps us to fund our Water Ambassador School Program which gifts free zazen Water systems into primary school classrooms and maintains them at no cost to the school. All our customers help us to fund this Social Business initiative, which is our core mission as a business.

My zazen Water system is leaking. What do I need to do?

There are only 4 ways your system will leak and they are easily fixed as follows:

  1. Overfilling – The bottom tank holds 8 litres of water ONLY. You cannot fill the upper tank if the bottom tank is already full, otherwise water will overspill between the 2 tanks.
  2. The Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge is overflowing – If the water seems to be flowing out of your top tank faster than the Filter Cartridge in the bottom tank can filter it through, there may be some air bubbles in your Filter Cartridge. You will need to take off the top tank, remove the Filter Cartridge and complete the following steps: 
    • Fill a 2 litre jug or similar with clean cold water.
    • Submerge the Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge fully for 1 minute or until the air bubbles have stopped coming out of the filter.
    • Take the filter out of the jug and hold over the sink.
    • Pour about 2.5 litres of clean cold water slowly through the top of the filter. Make sure the water starts to run out the bottom. Knock the filter firmly against your hand several times during this rinse cycle to help clear any air bubbles, then continue to pour water through the filter.
    • You may now screw your Filter Cartridge back into the Cartridge Connector and place back into the System. 
  3. There is an Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer (AAE) (or a few) stuck inside your tap  This can happen if the system has been moved and caused the AAE’s to be sitting very close to the back of the tap. You will need to drain your system (fill drink bottles, your kettle, water plants etc) so as not to waste water. Undo your tap by unscrewing the magnetic back and taking the tap out of the tank. Give it a shake and a tap and see if any AAE beads come out. If nothing comes out of the tap you will now need to unscrew the band that the silver lever is attached to, turning it anticlockwise while holding the lever in the other hand. The lever will then pop off the tap and you should be able to see any AAE beads lodged within the tap. After you have completed these steps you will need to screw the lever back into the tap, place the tap through the hole in the lower tank with a silicon washer on each side. Screw magnetic back onto tap inside the bottom tank and tighten.
  4. Magnetic Tap has been over tightened – If your system is leaking from around the magnetic tap it means the back of the tap has been over-tightened. This pushes out the silicone washers and they cannot seal the unit around the tap hole. Similarly if the washers are too loose, they may be allowing water to escape. Simply empty the lower tank and take off the top part of the system and check the back of the tap sitting inside the System.
My water is filtering slowly from the top tank, what do I need to do?

This generally means that the Ceramic Filter in the top tank has become coated with the organic matter, rust, sediments, etc it is filtering from your source water.  Depending on your water source, you may need to clean the Ceramic Filter on a regular basis (depending on location, this can vary between weekly and monthly). Do this with a clean wet cloth, gently wiping the ceramic. You can also use a lemon to help whiten the ceramic – NEVER use detergents or other cleaners!

You will know ongoing when you need to clean your Ceramic Filter as your system will slow down when filtering water.

Is the glass tank safer than the plastic tank?

Our BPA-Free Plastic Tank does not leach chemicals into the water sitting in the bottom tank, so from a health perspective both tanks are equally effective.

We have been asked by many customers for a glass tank simply because we know some of you like glass! Just as we like to be able to choose between BPA-Free Plastic and Glass drinking bottles, we offer this option for customers who prefer a glass tank.

Read more in our blog post zazen Glass Bottom Tank or the zazen BPA-Free Plastic Bottom Tank, which one should I get?