What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water With Electrolytes?

Potassium, sodium and chloride are key electrolyte minerals, helping keep the amount of water in the body in balance. zazen Alkaline Water contains a complete and balanced range of alkaline minerals including these 3 important electrolytes. The minerals in zazen Alkaline Water serve two essential purposes making the water highly bioavailable 1) to aid absorption; enhancing cellular hydration and 2) the creation of alkaline water naturally...

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What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in water and carry an electrical charge. (They are also referred to as alkaline minerals and mineral salts). Your kidneys have specific transporters to regulate the concentration of each of these electrolytes in your blood.

Since the body is mostly made up of water (75% of the body and 91% of the brain approximately), electrolytes are found everywhere in the body – inside the cells, in the spaces between cells, in the blood, in lymph glands and everywhere else. When you sweat, you lose fluids and electrolytes.

What minerals are required in Alkaline Water to maximise hydration and what do they do?

Now, there are all kinds of electrolytes, but the most important ones are: Sodium, chloride, potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate. Sodium has a positive charge, as does potassium, while chloride has a negative charge. Because electrolytes have electrical charges, they can move easily back and forth through cell membranes. This is important because as they move into a cell, they carry other nutrients in with them and as they move out of it, they carry out acidic metabolic waste products and excess water. Note: Magnesium is used in nearly every bodily function - it is considered our master mineral! Most of us need additional magnesium.

How do you properly hydrate yourself?

To keep body fluid levels in balance, your cells need to have a lot of potassium inside them and a lot of sodium in the fluids outside them. To keep the balance, sodium and potassium constantly move back and forth through the cell membranes.

Sodium easily combines with other elements and is necessary to make hydrochloric acid – the powerful digestive juice inside your stomach that breaks foods down to enable it to be digested and absorbed. As the electrolytes are absorbed water follows. Sodium also minimizes urination. When you’re drinking zazen Water, the liquid will stay in your body longer, giving it more time to get absorbed, which will get you back into balance (hydration) quicker!


Electrolytes (alkaline minerals)help keep the amount of water in the body in balance, carry impulses along the nerves, help make muscles contract and relax and keep the body from becoming too acidic or alkaline.