zazen Filters Remove Microplastics From Tap Water

With the rise in plastics manufacture, there has been an associated rise in plastic pollution of the external environment. We have found microplastic fibres and particles finding their way into our bottled water and tap water supplies.

The first reports date back to the early 1970’s (Carpenter & Smith 1972) and most famously within the world’s oceans. More recently plastic pollution has been found within freshwater lakes, inland seas, rivers, wetlands and organisms from plankton to whales (and nearly every species in between) (Horton et al. 2017, Lusher et al. 2017).

Recent studies, tell us testing methods are still evolving. The water tests showed that microfibers as small as 2.5 micron were present in tap water and bottled water supplies.

The Good News

The zazen Ceramic Filter will remove microplastic particles down to 0.2 microns or 12 x smaller than tested above, so smaller microplastics will be filtered by the zazen Ceramic Filter!

Micron comparison

So when your White Ceramic Filter turns yellowy and brown in colour and even has algae and black spots on the outside – that is GREAT news!  It is doing it’s job!

What is the zazen Ceramic Filter’s job?

To filter by trapping on the outside layer those tiny microplastic fibres and other organic particals that would otherwise flow through and compromise the next layer of zazen micro-filtration, the zazen Multi-stage Filter Cartridge. This filter is filtering heavy metals such as chlorine, THM’s, lead, fluoride and much much more.

To clean your Ceramic Filter – simply take the top tank (with the ceramic filter still inside) to the sink and with cold water and a clean dish cloth or light scourer wipe / scrub the outside of the Ceramic filter gently. You will find the outside “scum” will wipe off when it is moist.

The ceramic may not return to pure white again but will allow water to flow again through it. You can use white vinegar or lemon juice on the outside of the ceramic if you wish to.

See below our video on how to clean your zazen Ceramic Filter.


Image credit: @maylandswellness_