Comparing Water Filters

What are the differences between a zazen filter and other filters?

We speak to many customers who call confused with all the different types of water filters on the market. There are simple inexpensive Brita type water jugs, undersink filters requiring plumbing through to complex and expensive ionizers and reverse osmosis systems.

However, if you look at each of these common water solutions separately, they are all only 50% of the story, whichever way you look at them.

The first 50% of the story is filtration. This varies from simple and mostly ineffective basic filters through to filtration that strips everything from the water, including the beneficial minerals.  

The second 50% of the story is alkalinity, and unfortunately with most things that become trendy, inexperienced and ill-advised operators believe that the higher the alkalinity, the better.  This is definitely not the case.


Filtering water is a great first step, but it is only 50% of the way there.

To get the next 50% we must ask: What are the properties of water that support health and wellbeing? By asking this question we find out that Mother Nature’s  water cycle does not produce water that is simply H2O. It produces an energised and specifically structured and balanced compound that benefits our body and improves our well-being. Most importantly, it is in a state that our body can receive and absorb.

As it travels through the earth, filtering through natural sand, soil and mineral deposits, the water sheds toxins and picks up minerals, magnetic energy from mother earth and far infra-red energy from the sun, and its structure changes and adapts. By the time it bubbles from a spring and flows down a stream, water contains important properties that are essential for our hydration, essential for life!

Water that contains the right properties, including a balanced range of minerals, is readily received and absorbed into the body for cellular hydration! 

At zazen Water, we do not put water under pressure like undersink filters, we don’t expose it to artificial currents like ionizers, and we don’t do half the job. In collaboration with leading scientists from both the East and the West, and using state-of-the-art technologies, the zazen Alkaline Water System mimics Mother Nature’s water cycle, providing you with mineral water in an ideal state to hydrate your body. Cellular hydration is a core strategy for prevention of and recovery from disease.

zazen Water Crystal
photographed by Dr Emoto

Featureszazen WaterBrita JugReverse OsmosisWater Ionizers
Creates Alkaline Wateryes

Optimised for Hydrationyes

Contains a Balanced Range of Mineralsyes

Fluoride Reductionyes
No electricity requiredyesyes

No plumbing requiredyesyes

No water wastedyesyes

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