What is Alkaline Water?

So what is Alkaline Water and why should you drink it?

Well, it is generally understood that an overly acidic body can cause disease, and this tendency toward acidity is increasingly common today because of the highly processed foods, drugs and acidic drinks consumed (and because people are dehydrated). For these reasons there is a growing movement toward drinking alkaline water in order to become more alkaline or balanced. Many alkaline water products produce extremely high alkaline water of 8.5 – 10 and even 11pH! There is the belief that more is better. But it is not that simple!

If it were this simple, then in terms of water you could put one teaspoon of bi carb soda in a glass of water and you will get an alkaline benefit in the body. But again, it’s only half the story!

Too alkaline is just as bad as too acidic. zazen Water is the perfect balance!

To understand why alkaline water has been heralded as a health miracle, you must first understand the alkaline effect, a naturally occurring process in the body. It looks something like this:

The Alkaline Effect Part 1

  • The stomach releases hydrochloric acid (HCL) to break down food and water for nutrients.
  • Hydrochloric acid would burn the stomach so to protect it the body also releases bicarbonate – alkaline buffers to neutralise the hydrochloric acid (into the blood around the stomach and surrounding areas).
  • The body does not release as much HCL when you consume acidic foods and fluids.

  • Released Alkaline buffers come with a bonus. They act as anti-oxidants.
  • An anti-oxidant can neutralise free radicals (toxins) and acids in the body.
  • This can prevent or slow cell damage in the body.

  • Alkaline foods and water require more HCLto break down, which in turn needs more alklaine buffers to be released.
  • Most people believe that flooding the system with EXTREMELY HIGH alkaline water will increase the number of neutralised free radicals therefore improving health. This is incorrect, read on to find out why!

The Alkaline Effect Part 2

  • Flooding the system with alkaline food and water requires more hydrochloric acid and more alkaline buffers.

  • If the body doesn’t have enough alkaline minerals (such as calcium) to use as buffers, it will steal them from the bones.
  • This can lead to other long term issues and diseases, and throws the body out of balance.

  • The body needs to flush the toxins from all the neutralised free radicals that the alkaline effect has created.
  • The body must be hydrated to flush toxins but high alkaline water alone does not hydrate if it does not contain a balanced range of alkaline minerals.
  • An over-alkaline system without the ability to hydrate can cause significant imbalance in the body and the condition called alkalosis.

Our blood pH is slightly alkaline

By nature, our blood pH is ideally balanced and tuned to be only slightly alkaline. The human body sets about daily to maintain that balance. To emphasise the fact, think about the pH of our blood, which is 7.369. This is only slightly alkaline. Neutral is 7. Why is this important? To act as a measuring stick; to temper our understanding of the alkaline effect; to help us recognise that excessive alkalinity is not ideal.

Striking a balance is essential for cellular hydration and this is what zazen Water have created.