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Frequently Asked Questions on replacing your zazen Water parts

Why do I need to replace the filters and stones regularly?

To ensure the very best quality water for your health and wellness benefit, it is important to change your filters and stones on time. 

  • Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge - once placed in your zazen Water system, the Filter Cartridge has a maximum life of 6 months, regardless of the volume of water filtered (If you have a large family, or busy office/clinic, using over 12 litres / day, you may need to change your filter cartridge sooner. If not replaced on time, the acidic contaminants in your source water will affect the ability of the system to produce healthy alkaline water.
    For effective fluoride reduction of up to 90%, it is very important to change the this filter every 6 months at a maximum.
  • Ceramic Filter - this filter deteriorates over time with use and cleaning and should be replaced every 12 months. It plays a critical role in pre-filtering large contaminants (greater than 0.2 micron) from your water, such as bacteria, ecoli, giardia and other organic matter, so they do not clog up the Filter Cartridge, impacting its ability to do its heavy metal and fluoride filtering at an effective level.
  • Silver Stones - conserve the freshness and health of the water in the bottom tank due to their anti-bacterial properties and should be replaced every 12 months.
  • Alkalinity Enhancer - these little white balls help boost the pH of the water due to the ionised magnesium and calcium being released into the water and should be replaced every 12 months.
  • Mineral Stones - these stones contain a balanced range of natural minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silicon which help to balance, fortify and assist with the pH and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. They shouold be replaced every 5 years.

All 5 components work synergistically together to provide you with healthy alkaline mineral water.

Customer Reminder Service

zazen Water sends out reminder emails when your filters and stones are due to be replaced so you don't need to remember! Our customers love this service and say they couldn't live without it!

If you have purchased directly from our web site, we have already registered your purchase and you don't need to do anything else. 

If you have purchased from one of our Partners or Retail Stores, simply register your purchase by filling out the form on our web site.

How often do I need to replace the zazen Water System parts?

Your zazen Alkaline Water system has 5 different parts that need to be replaced at specific times:

Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
Every 6 months (if using more than 12 litres per day, you should replace sooner)
Ceramic Filter
Every 12 months (if you use tank/bore water, you may need to change it every 6 months depending on how well you pre-filter your tank water)
Silver Stones (red/brown)
Every 12 months
Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer
Every 12 months
Mineral Stones (blue/grey)
Every 5 years

How often do I need to replace the zazen Shower Filter cartridges?
  • For the Handset & Raindrop Shower Filters - the Shower Filter Cartridge has a maximum 12 month life, regardless of volume of water filtered (however, for high use of >16 minutes showering per day, it should be replaced sooner).
  • For the Streamline Shower Filter - the Streamline Filter Cartridge has a maximum 24 month life, regardless of volume of water filtered (however, for high use of >16 minutes showering per day, it should be replaced sooner). 

If the filters are not replaced on time, the ability of your shower filter to effectively remove high levels of chlorine and heavy metals will be impacted.

Chlorine is vapourised when heated. As you shower, you inhale and absorb these vapours through your lungs and skin so these chemicals go directly into your blood stream! Recent studies link excessive chlorine and chlorine vapour exposure to breast, kidney (renal) and bladder cancers. It can also cause dry irritated skin, acne and hair damage.

How will I know when I am due to replace my parts?

We record your system or shower filter purchase and all your replacement parts purchased on our Customer Service System, so we always know exactly when your parts need replacing. We will remind you via email (or text if you prefer), with an option to click on a special order link or you can call us to place an order. If you have purchased your zazen Alkaline Water System or zazen Shower Filter from one of our Resellers, you may not be on our database – click here to complete our Product Warranty Registration form.

Can I recycle my old filters and stones?

When it's time to replace your zazen filters and stones, your old filters and stones can be recycled as follows:

  • Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge – over time this filter traps toxins, chemicals, poisons, heavy metals and other contaminants in its layers as it filters your water. We recommend that you DO NOT RECYCLE this filter – put it in a plastic bag, tie it and put in your rubbish bin.
  • Ceramic Filter – 100% recyclable so this filter can be put in your recycling bin as it is just made of ceramic and a plastic base
  • Silver Stones, Alkalinity Enhancer balls & Mineral Stones – these can just be used in the garden as rocks
  • Shower Filter & Streamline Filter Cartridges - 100% recyclable as the filtration media is different to the Filter Cartridge.
  • Cardboard/paper packaging – dispose of in your recycling bin
I am changing my annual water system replacement parts, what else should I do?

When you change your Ceramic Filter and Silver Stones each year, it is an ideal time to clean out the inside of the lower tank with a clean cloth and warm water. You can also soak your Mineral Stones for a few minutes in hot water to reinvigorate them – let them cool before placing back in your system. This is shown in the video below.