zazen East vs West Philosophy

I want to know about the zazen East vs West Philosophy

Adults are 72% water and children even higher. Up to 12 cups of water is lost daily through normal bodily function and must be replaced. To do this we must hydrate.

To hydrate we need the right water.

But what is the Right Water?

This knowledge is essential to life and yet is relatively unknown. The following information explains the properties water must have to hydrate at a cellular level which is foundational to the prevention of, and recovery from, disease.

Underpinning zazen Water is a philosophy that drives and directs our product design and it comes from a holistic view surrounding health and wellbeing, and the understanding of the foundational role that water plays in any wellness strategy. This philosophy pushed us further in our research and education to find a water filter that would support optimum wellness. Where East meets West is where the zazen Alkaline Water System was born.

East & West ask different questions about health and wellbeing

Western philosophy and eastern philosophy are driven by different priorities. The result is that each asks fundamentally different questions when approaching issues of health and wellbeing.

The Western Perspective

The modern day West places safety as paramount, and this is of course a good thing. As applied to water, Western society will ask ~ How do we create safe drinking water? The result has been:

  • Public Water Treatment facilities
  • Basic water filtration
  • Bottled Water

These will be familiar to you. This is convenient and safe. This answers the question as posed by Western thinking that water needs to be safe to drink.

The problems associated with this approach however are two-fold:

  1. This type of filtration not only removes the bad toxins, it strips the water of the good (life) properties, including minerals.
  2. The water is not in a balanced, healthy state ready for absorption by the body so it can hydrate – so the body itself must filter and then remineralise the water first.

“I had no idea that the water I was giving my children to drink may actually have been making them sicker. My daughter drank 4 glasses of zazen water and my son drank 1.5 glasses when we visited my local Naturopath, I just couldn’t believe it as they never drank water. I always just thought water was water, now I know it is not. Thank you for doing what you are doing.”

Lisa Lawson, Country NSW

Water is far more than just H2O!

The Eastern Perspective

With Eastern philosophy, a very different question is asked of water, and has been for hundreds of years. The Eastern healers ask ~ What are the properties of water that support ‘life’ including vitality and wellbeing? The result:

  • Toxins, contaminants & chemicals must be filtered out
  • Must contain a balanced range of alkaline minerals for absorption by the body
  • Structure must be hexagonal and clusters small enough for absorption at a cellular level

By asking this question we go further than other water filter systems in the world today. By asking this question, we are focused on producing the right water for the body to hydrate. That is the philosophy behind the design of the zazen Alkaline Water System.

Mother Nature does much more than filter water - it adds minerals and energy essential for hydration

What’s in Your Water