Caroline Scott


Caroline Scott

B. HSc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

zazen Customer Relationship Manager

Caroline Scott is one of our wonderful Relationship Managers here at zazen Alkaline Water. By trade, Caroline is a holistic nutritionist who has spent the past 20+ years working in collaboration with local community groups, holistic doctors, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats.

Her path to health and wellness stemmed from her own poor health experiences and this inspired her to study a Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition & Dietetics at Newcastle University. Ultimately, Caroline was able to regain her vitality and health through dietary and lifestyle changes and is now passionate and committed to helping others do the same.

She is a proud health advocate and strongly believes in the prevention and reversing disease through dietary and lifestyle changes including the consumption of mineralised, alkaline water! She has also co-written a cookbook for children, reflecting her nutrition philosophy of utilising wholefoods for good health and using these same whole plant-based foods as medicine.

Caroline is driven by her devotion to help people improve their health through making better choices and having access to better information to do so. She is particularly passionate about children’s health and how crucial and important it is to get right! If she is not helping our wonderful customers and partners with their hydration needs, you can find her at a local organic market hanging out with farmers and foodies sharing the latest on superfoods, gut bugs, recipes and activating nuts!

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