Fiona Provan


Fiona Provan

B. HSc (Homeopathy)

zazen Customer Relationship Manager

We are lucky enough to have Fiona Provan part of the zazen family as one of our Customer Relationship Managers. Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge from her background as a Homoeopathic-Lightbody Health Practitioner to zazen and is passionate about Vibrational Healing Philosophies; supporting Mind, Body & Spirit and the role Water Science plays within this.

After a career in finance and stockbroking, Fiona became a mother to two beautiful children who came to be the catalyst for her exploration into the field of Homoeopathy. Through this experience raising her children, she was exposed to learning about vibrational energies and how modalities such as Homoeopathy are naturally aligned to support our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This led her to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Homoeopathy) at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College) and begin her 15+ year journey within the health industry.

Fiona is a passionate follower of Water Science and the current research being undertaken to find ways to explain the importance of the structure and subsequently the memory of water, and the understanding this brings for vibrational modalities that can support the health and wellbeing of all living things. Fiona is driven by a thirst for knowledge borne out of curiosity and imagination, and knowing there are many answers to every question. She is a passionate conversationalist and has a strong desire to both share and receive information, always keeping an open mind on everything.

An avid traveller, Fiona loves spending time with her family with plenty of outdoor activities in nature, particularly the mountains. When she is not helping share the goodness of zazen, she is likely to be found reading or watching a documentary, or continuing her professional development through listening and attending seminars/webinars within the Wellness industry.

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