How does the zazen Alkaline Water System work?

Alkaline effect + Hydration = zazen Alkaline Water 1 + 1 = 3

zazen Water is balanced alkaline mineral water! Our balanced range of natural minerals and salts are critical for hydration. 

For water to act as a nutrient to your body and increase your wellbeing, energy and vitality, it must be filtered (cleaned of toxins, bad bacteria and chemicals), be mineral and electrolyte rich, mildly alkaline, naturally energised and have smaller water clusters for cellular hydration.

Electolyte / Mineralszazen Water*GatoradePowerade IsotonicFiji Water

* A sample of the minerals found in zazen Water for a comparison. Typical analysis taken from product labels (ppm)

What’s in Your Water


Enjoy Mother Nature’s Water on Tap!

Scientific research demonstrates that water undergoes a transformation as it bubbles and cascades over mineral rocks in pristine mountain streams and as it gushes from underground springs. This water has the essential properties that enhance life. Indeed – not all water is the same!

At zazen, we have recreated Mother Nature’s water secret in the zazen Alkaline Water System, designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand water supplies. The zazen Alkaline Water System offers you exceptional quality water for optimum hydration, which is essential to health and longevity.

The properties of the zazen Alkaline Water System:

AlkalineIdeal for health, detox and longevity
MineralisedEssential for optimum hydration
CleansesHelps cells to release toxic waste
NourishesWith a balanced range of essential minerals
HydratesImmediately at a cellular level
EnergisesFull of healthy electrolytes for vitality
AntioxidantHelps eliminate free radicals
Excellent QualityClean, fresh, affordable, tastes great!

How much does it cost? Using 12 Litres a day costs only 5c per litre!

ProductReplacement ScheduleCost
zazen Alkaline Water System
$565 RRP
- Multi-Stage Filter CartridgeReplace 2 x per year$59.95 each
- Ceramic Filter & Silver StonesReplace 1 x per year$59.95 each
- Alkalinity EnhancersRepalce 1 x per year$44.95 each 
- Mineral StonesReplace 1 x every 5 years$69.95 each

The annual replacement costs for a zazen Alkaline Water System are the same as maintaining a Brita Jug!

Buying Bottled Water? Compare & Start Saving!

If you spend…
$15 per week
$30 per week
Bottled water cost per year$780$1,560
Bottled water costs over 3 years$2,340$4,680
zazen Water Cost over 3 years$1,037$1,037
zazen Water System SavingsSave $1,303Save $3,643

“Not only do we love the taste and how it makes us feel, we are saving over $1000 per year switching from bottled water!” John Geologist, NSW

Leader and Innovator

Our recognition of consistent improvements and advancements in modern technology has instilled in us an innovative spirit. We never view the zazen Alkaline Water System as a finished product.

Instead, we continue to collaborate with the world’s leading water engineers and scientists to improve techniques and to avail of new technology to better emulate Mother Nature’s water cycle.

Passing on the knowledge

For zazen Water, understanding that not all water is the same, is only the first step in our journey. Getting this message out to the wellness industry at large, as well as to future generations is our mission. Come join us!

Cellular Hydration is the essential ingredient and your foundation for any long term plan for health and vitality

zazen Water is designed specifically to meet your modern-day body’s hydration need, ensuring it can be absorbed at a cellular level for optimised hydration. But what is the point of this knowledge if it is not passed on to future generations?

We asked ourselves one simple question — How can we help build a generation of children who understand the true power of water? The answer was by empowering them with firsthand knowledge, and enabling them to directly experience how drinking high quality water can improve the way they behave, perform, think more clearly… and feel!

To ensure that our future generations have access to both the best water and to education about hydration, we created zazen Water to support this critical social cause and established the zazen Water Ambassador School Program. One school at a time, we are providing free zazen Alkaline Water systems into classrooms around Australia, along with education modules & fun activities about hydration.

The alarming truth is that this generation of children is at risk of living 10 years less than you and I. Changing this projection is the core purpose for our business – it’s our driver and our measurement of success.

Join our community of 66,752 happy, healthy, hydrated water drinkers and 4,731 Natural Health Practitioners and help us share the gift of water with others

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