WaTer as nature intended

Many renowned scientists, such as Dr Masaru Emoto and Dr Gerald Pollack, have studied the properties of water from the most notable, natural sources in the world. What makes these particular water sources stand out is the fact that the communities who rely on them tend to lead healthier, longer lives. This water is largely untouched by modern interventions, providing a true representation of this essential element in its most natural state.

So what exactly is it about this particular water that sustains life better than others, and how can that be recreated?

Recreating Mother Nature's Process


As water moves through nature, it passes through many layers of soil, sand, gravel and rocks, which all help to trap and filter out contaminants. The zazen Ceramic Filter is the critical first step in our filtration process. It plays a critical role in pre-filtering large contaminants (>0.2 micron) including rust, sediment, bacteria, E.coli, giardia and other organic matter. Next, the zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge uses various natural elements including activated charcoal, activated zeolite and sand to reduce heavy metals and acidic contaminants, such as chlorine and fluoride, in your water. 


In nature, water absorbs minerals from the earth’s layers which raise the alkalinity and create water in balance. zazen alkaline Mineral water contains a balanced range of electrolyte minerals, which are essential for rehydration. Electrolytes help keep the amount of water in the body in balance by pulling water into your cells and pushing toxins out of your cells. Electrolytes also carry impulses along the nerves helping improve energy flow, and assist the muscles to contract and relax and maintain homeostasis. The natural zazen Mineral Stones in our systems are mined from pristine deposits over 300m below the earth’s surface off the coast of South Korea (without any damage to the environment) and naturally contain key minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.


When studying the properties of nature’s best water at the molecular level, scientists found that it is structured in a clear, beautiful, hexagonal shape. This is known as structured water. In nature, movement and earth’s magnetic forces change the water’s structure into hexagonal molecules with reduced surface tension, both of which make the water more bio-available and aids absorption into the cells i.e. optimal hydration. The zazen Alkaline Water System recreates that process through the zazen Magnetic Tap. 1,200 gauss magnetic energy passing the water through a natural vortex restructures the water in this hexagonal structure.


Whether water is flowing down from the mountains or bubbling up from a natural spring, it is following its own natural course, without intervention. Unlike electric water filters or plumbed-in under-bench filters, the zazen Alkaline Water System is gravity fed. This allows the water to flow, just as it would in nature, through its various phases. This not only allows time for the water to filter sufficiently, it also means there’s no need for plumbing or electricity, no forced pressure or artificial currents. Our 10 Stage State-of-the-Art filtration process retains the beneficial properties in the originating tap or tank water, such as minerals 

zazen Alkaline Water Systems are designed to emulate Mother Nature’s process, with each part playing a crucial and inter-connected role. That’s why regular maintenance is essential to ensure you and your family continue to enjoy the best possible water you can drink, every day.

Beyond filtration: what’s in, what’s out

There’s a reason we call it an Alkaline Mineral Water System and not a filter system, because filtration is only half the story!
Producing good water is as much about what you put back in as what you take out


Creating quality drinking water starts with filtering out toxins, bad bacteria and chemicals. The multiple stages of filtration in zazen Alkaline Mineral Water Systems help to reduce contaminants (>0.2 micron) including rust, sediment, E.coli, giardia and other organic matter, heavy metals, and acidic contaminants such as chlorine and fluoride in your water. If this was the end of the story, you’d be left with clean but sterile water.


Where we continue on is where we put the good back in. The natural zazen Mineral Stones in our systems contain a balanced range of key alkaline minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. These electrolyte minerals raise the water’s alkalinity naturally and are an essential part of rehydration. 

What are electrolytes?
Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in water and carry an electrical charge. Electrolytes help keep the amount of water in the body in balance, carry impulses along the nerves, help make the muscles contract and relax, keep the body from becoming too acidic or alkaline, regulate blood pressure and heartbeat, as well as pushing toxins out and pulling nutrients in.

Since 75% of the body and approximately 91% of the brain is made up of water, electrolytes are found everywhere in the body – inside the cells, in the spaces between cells, in the blood, in lymph glands and everywhere else. 

How do electrolytes help hydration?
Electrolytes have electrical charges, which allows them to move easily back and forth through cell membranes. As electrolytes move into a cell, they carry other nutrients in with them and as they move out of it, they carry out acidic metabolic waste products and excess water. Drinking water with a balanced range of electrolytes allows your cells to absorb water more readily. It’s why electrolyte sports drinks are positioned as rapid hydration aids. But did you know that zazen naturally contains more electrolytes than leading sports drinks?!

Only by filtering out the bad AND putting the good back in is it possible to create the right water, which will help you live a longer, healthier life. End of story!


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