Addressing The Quality & Quantity Of The Water Your Family Drinks Everyday

Nothing will boost your energy levels better than becoming properly hydrated. And to become hydrated the body needs alkaline mineral water (pictured zazen Mineral Stones).  Notice that there were two important words before the word ‘water’—alkaline and mineral. For cellular hydration, water must be both alkaline and mineralised. Why is this important? Proper cellular hydration is key to the prevention of and recovery from disease and illness. 

Why must it be both alkaline and mineral-rich to energise?

You need to think of hydration in terms of a chemical process that has magnetic force. Alkaline water is negatively charged. When it is consumed, it donates vital electrons to our cellular energy production. Alkaline water can be made with electrolysis or applying a magnetic field, but the charge doesn't hold for very long and neither support the long term wellbeing of the body.

This is where the minerals come into play. Mineral electrolytes are like metallic minerals, which hold the charge longer and make the water 'wetter'. That is, cells receive this water more readily, particularly if potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium are present. Alkaline water needs the mineral electrolytes to maximise its benefits to the body.

How do mineral electrolytes work?

An electrolyte is a mineral that dissolves in water and carries an electrical charge. Since the body is mostly made up of water, electrolytes are found everywhere in the body – inside the cells, in the spaces between cells, in the blood, in lymph glands and everywhere else. 

These naturally occurring mineral electrolytes in your body (sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride and magnesium):

·       keep all the water in your body in balance

·       carry impulses along the nerves

·       help make muscles contract and relax

·       keep the body from becoming too acidic or alkaline

·       regulate blood pressure and heartbeat

·       push toxins out and pull nutrients in

In other words, these mineral electrolytes keep you feeling vital and energised. Drinking alkaline mineral water adds to your body’s energy production by donating electrons, and the mineral electrolytes hold the charge long enough so that the cells can receive the water and hydrate. It must be alkaline and mineral water for maximum hydration.

Which minerals give the biggest boost?

Electrolytes can travel though cell membranes, allowing them to move in and out of both the cell and the fluids that surround them. To keep body fluid levels in balance, your cells need to have a lot of potassium inside them and a lot of sodium in the fluids outside them. To keep the balance, sodium and potassium constantly move back and forth through the cell membranes as do magnesium and calcium.

Magnesium inside a healthy cell is 10,000 times greater in quantity than in the extracellular fluid, and potassium is even greater. The most abundant electrolyte inside cells is chloride, so cells are hungry for chloride. Sodium and calcium are more common in the extracellular fluid because they are larger molecules and can't fit into the tight spaces of the cell’s internal sub-structures (cytoplasm).

Some people ask me, can I simply add some magnesium salt flakes to my water to help improve the hydrating quality of the water? The answer is yes it will help, however be careful because of course this can also cause loose bowel movements – so it is also ideal if you are a little constipated and in need of a natural movement quite quickly.

What happens from electrolyte imbalance?

Electrolyte balance is essential for cell membranes to maintain correct charge, which ensures they function properly to expel waste products and allow in nutrients and water. The body is a complex machine and everything is interrelated. As magnesium is lost under stress and not replaced, the cell membrane starts to lose the charge and becomes more permeable. This can lead to loss of too much potassium, which can cause a heart attack. As the membrane becomes compromised, some of the cytoplasm (the inner sub-structure of cells) becomes de-structured, allowing in too much sodium and calcium, causing cell excitation and further dehydration because sodium steals the cell's water molecules. Loss of magnesium and dehydration leads to cramping, muscle spasms and restless legs.

Dehydrating the body has far reaching consequences.

Hydrating your body, right down to the cells, is the ultimate way to boost your energy and vitality. We recommend drinking 2.5 - 3 litres per day. zazen Alkaline Mineral Water is designed with the perfect balance of mineral electrolytes for optimum hydration and should be viewed as your first foundation step toward devising a strategy for a longer, healthier life. 

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