Dr Emoto Tribute

It was with great sadness that all of us at zazen Water heard about the recent passing of Dr. Masaru Emoto, world renowned Water Researcher and Author (TheHealing Power of Water, Messages from Water and the Universe, and many more).

The Hidden Messages in Water Dr EmotoMasuru Emoto’s work had a profound impact on me. The first book I purchased was one of his earliest books, which was written in Japanese at the time (prior to being translated into multiple languages). I was researching water and looking for answers to questions I had about its healing properties. Masaru Emoto’s work was completely transformative to the way I understood water and I realised that his genius would help the world see the true power of water. That indeed not all water was the same!

So, we set about designing a water system that mimicked Mother Nature’s water cycle, with all the healing properties necessary to meet the body’s modern hydration needs. We have created water that has the structure and healing properties described and pictured in Masuru Emoto’s work. His experiment was simple and powerful. Observing water under different conditions to identify in what state it was most abundant and healing, he found that the closer water was to a pristine environment, as Mother Nature intended, the more stunning the crystals. He also discovered that water surrounded by positivity in all its forms—thought, image, intent and even sound—became more beautiful and powerful. His pictures help educate and empower parents and Natural Health Practitioners with this knowledge ~ a picture does indeed paint a thousand words!

At zazen Water, we wanted to visually demonstrate how water affects our bodies. We sent samples of zazen Water to Japan and asked Dr Emoto and his team to photograph it so we could discover our own unique and special water crystal. What we can now show in picture is that the zazen Water crystal has the same beautiful structure and shape of those found in some of the world’s most pristine natural environments, mineral and energy rich water, for a happier more hydrated you. 

It was an absolute joy for me to witness the gorgeous, powerfully energetic zazen Water crystal. What a priceless gift.

I remember when I first heard and read about Masaru’s work, it gave me a new respect for water. I began blessing with love and gratitude every glass of water I drank. Labels with positive words and affirmations soon appeared on our bottles of water, water coasters and zazen Water system tanks. I even have the beautiful water crystal pictures on my fish tanks and ponds!

This man has helped so many people across the world with his amazing and significant work. We are deeply and forever grateful to him and his life work.

When we founded zazen Water our purpose was pure and simple – children needed to be drinking the highest quality water to help live longer, healthier lives. The trend is that children today are likely to live 10 years less than their parents, due to systemic toxins in food, water, clothing, air – everywhere!

Cellular hydration is critical to helping prevent illness and disease and reducing the systemic toxin load on their small bodies.

The right water is:

  • clean with toxins, contaminants and chemicals filtered out
  • balanced with a range of alkaline minerals to aid adsorption by the body
  • structured with water clusters small enough for absorption at a cellular level

zazen Alkaline Water System - recreates Mother Natures's Water Secret!

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