Tips For Staying Healthy [Health Shake Recipe]

One of our team said to me recently ‘You and Janet never get sick. I have worked with you for several years, and I have never known you to be sick.’ She said it with surprise, as though she had never thought about it before, and it had just occurred to her.

I was sharing with her at the time one of my interesting visits to my homeopath, who gave me some sprays and a couple of strange sounding remedies to deal with a variety of things… all of which have had another amazing result in ridding me of small things at the ‘niggle’ stage.

I pondered her comment and said to her, well it isn’t luck, it’s part of my plan to stay healthy. With all the things I have read, and all the people I talk to about health and wellbeing, I know the 3 most important things are:

  • Getting great quality sleep – we spend about 1/3 of our life doing it!
  • Drinking plenty of quality water – my body is around 75% of it!
  • Eating high quality food and nutrition – all of my energy is generated from it!
  • Plus a 4th – have an attitude of gratitude!

Sounds simple – and it can be, but it doesn’t happen by accident. It needs to be a daily plan, a healthy habit. You can’t just have a great sleep on the weekend, and not for the rest of the week. And you can’t just eat good food sometimes, and drink water every now and then. The body needs these things every single day, and I know I feel better when I do them, so I choose to do them regularly.

These 3 things are part of my daily habit to be healthy – plus I proactively visit with my homeopath every 3 months (don’t wait until you are sick – why would you wait until then – isn’t the whole point not to get sick?)

Of course, I have days when I don’t do it, sometimes there’s a birthday, or Christmas, or I have had a long day at work and eggs on toast is quick and easy or I am running late and miss making my health shake in the morning – I just plan to not do it that often. It’s human to overindulge or not eat what we should – be kind to yourself when it happens and just get back to what you know is the right thing for you. But 9 days out of 10, I drink plenty of water, get 8 hours uninterrupted sleep and eat good food, including the supplements I take in the form of a health shake (see recipe below) and the range of vitamins and minerals as prescribed by my homeopath (also pictured below).

I also consult remedial massage therapists, have reiki sessions and other healing sessions including kinesiology. Recently for example I wasn’t enjoying my regular uninterrupted sleep – I was waking through the night and finding it hard to get back to sleep which is not normal for me at all.  So after about 2 weeks of this, and consequently feeling terrible as a result, I went to my homeopath who checked me out on her Vega machine, gave me a remedy and my homeopathic sprays were updated, and within 2 weeks I was back to normal.

Previously I had a session with a Kinesiologist who cleared some emotional blocks for me, but I happened to mention to her that I wanted to cut down on sugar, and at the time I was having 2 teaspoons in my coffee, and having 1 to 2 coffees a day. So after a 45 minute session with her, I haven’t had sugar in my coffee since (been about 4 years now)!

I also take time out each day to think about what I am grateful for. I love what I do each day, whether it’s being at work, at home, or in the garden - it is really about is intention. I intend to feel happy, so I thought carefully about what makes me happy, and choose to do those things on a regular basis. I remember something Steve Jobs from Apple once said – it was to the effect that you may not jump out of bed every day excited to start your day, but if you feel like that too many days in a row, then you need to think about doing something different.

And I am grateful that I can, as a woman, in this country, at this time on earth, I am able to choose what I do (watching Outlander on Netflix at the moment – OMG!).

I can’t recommend highly enough regularly consulting a homeopath – I have had immediate success with treating issues to do with fatigue, aches and pains, interrupted sleep, period issues, getting hot flushes, rashes, and too many other small things to mention! I have also had fantastic results with a remedial massage therapist – 1 visit and a recurring stiff neck disappeared. I believe it’s only ever about energy, and sometimes I need external help to move those blocks I have managed to cause emotionally along with things I might get exposed to in the air or general environment where bugs, viruses and bacteria also live.

I also regularly use flower essences and essential oils in a diffuser. I have previously studied Mind Body Medicine and was introduced formally to the use of flower essences, and I have used them successfully for many years now. What a beautiful healing experience they are – if you haven’t visited with a Mind Body Medicine practitioner, do yourself a favour!!

And of course, I regularly drink zazen Alkaline Water – I never go anywhere without a bottle of water. I drink at least 3 litres every day, more when it is hot here in Brisbane – I can’t be without my water! There is nothing more delicious – and it’s the main ingredient in my health shake recipe to kickstart my day off hydrated!

There are lots of things I want to improve and get better at with my health – but none of them will happen unless I have the desire and the discipline to execute on a plan. So I am a work in progress, but a healthy one, who rarely gets sick.

Janet & Vanessa Health Shake

Recipe is for 2 people (plus some for the dog – Gypsy loves it!) – all ingredients are organic:

  • 500ml of zazen Alkaline Water
  • 8 ice cubes of zazen Alkaline Water
  • 2 small frozen bananas
  • 1 heaped tbsp of cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp vegan protein powder
  • 2 big tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil – put this in last before you blend
  • 2 heaped tspn of maca powder
  • ½ tspn turmeric powder
  • 1 tspn slippery elm powder
  • 1 heaped tspn mesquite powder
  • 1 tbsp green powder – barley grass, spirulina
  • 1 tspn acai powder
  • 1 tspn bee pollen granules

Combine in your blender for a few minutes until the bananas and icecubes are blended up. It will look like a chocolate milkshake.

Serve in a nice glass and enjoy! I then put about 4 drops of iodine solution on top and take all my nutritionals at the same time – most important for me are Vitamin E, Krill Oil, a Probiotic, Ubiquinol, Milk Thistle, Vitamin A, and a number of Celloids from Blackmores prescribed for me by my homeopath. I have used many different brands but the ingredients are always organic. If I am in a shop and can’t choose between 2 brands, I do a kinesiology test on the products and choose the one that my body likes best!

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