How Does An Alkaline Water Filter Work?

A good alkaline water filter works by filtering out micro plastics, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and chemicals but retaining important natural electrolytes, turning your drinking water into alkaline mineral water that hydrates you quickly and efficiently. 

The zazen Alkaline Water System employs a state-of-the-art filtration process. This involves a Ceramic Filter to pre-filter the water before it is further filtered through our Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge. Read on to learn more about how an alkaline water filter works. 

What Does Filtration Remove From Water? 

zazen Alkaline Water System

Water goes through many filtrations. In nature, water is filtered through natural sand, soil and mineral deposits and exposed to the sun and other elements. These factors remove harmful toxins and pick up minerals to create pristine mineral water. 

Most tap water and bottled water is filtered through water treatment systems to remove contaminants like heavy metals, dirt, silt, sand and sediment from your water. There is also the rise of micro plastics in tap water, which need to be adequately filtered. 

Popular jug water filters, tap-mounted, under-sink and benchtop filters all also filter out chemicals and sediments to varying degrees. People who wish to remove chlorine and fluoride may also opt for these types of water filter. 

But what does standard filtration remove from water? The answer is often some of the bad stuff and some of the good stuff. This leaves you with clean but sterile water that lacks any electrolyte minerals or properties to hydrate.

The difference between many of these water filter profiles and the zazen Alkaline Water Filter is that our system also creates specifically structured and balanced water that the human body can receive and absorb more easily essential for hydration.

What's hiding in your water

Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

Fluoride is undetectable, both in odour and in taste. Fluoride is not to be confused with chlorine, another addition to most Australian water, which does have an odour and taste. 

There are a host of water filters on the market that filter fluoride to varying degrees including our innovative Alkaline Water System, which utilises the latest multi-stage micro filtering technology to remove up to 90% of fluoride from tap water (not to mention 99% chlorine). 

What the zazen water filters do that most other water filters can’t do is to create balanced alkaline water that includes key nutrients and electrolytes that the human body can receive and absorb more easily.

How Does The zazen Alkaline Water Filter Work? 

The zazen alkaline water system uses two unique water filter components that work together to replicate Mother Nature’s water cycle and transform your drinking water into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that hydrates you.

zazen Ceramic Filter

The zazen Ceramic Water Filter is the critical first step in our filtration process. It pre-filters rust, sediment, organic matter, bacteria, cysts, parasites and other microorganisms that may be present in water supplies. It even removes microplastic particles down to 0.2 microns!



zazen Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
The zazen Multi-Stage Water Filter Cartridge continues the process. The first layer is a silver activated carbon layer that inhibits bacteria growth and reduces chlorine, pesticides and any trace chemicals that the ceramic filter may have missed. 


The next layers in the zazen Multi-Stage Water Filter Cartridge are the fluoride reduction layer and the activated zeolite layer. The former reduces fluoride by 90% in treated water supplies. The latter further inhibits bacteria and traps heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminium, nickel and copper, along with detergents, ammonium and industrial chemicals. 

But filtering your water to get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals is just half the answer. The other half is alkalinity and ensuring your water is not just sterile but packed with a balanced range of electrolyte minerals for optimal rehydration.

To achieve this, the zazen Multi-Stage Water Filter Cartridge features a bio-ceramic Pi layer that contains highly compressed diatomaceous earth and mineral oxides to emit Pi energy to enhance bioavailability.  

The next is a Far Infrared (FIR) layer, which energises the water, helping balance the pH levels and reduce acidic components. The silica sand layer then infuses natural silica - known to strengthen collagen for radiant hair and nails - and polishes the water for crystal clear results.

zazen Mineral Stones
But that’s not all. The zazen Alkaline Water System also comes with natural Mineral Stones, mined from pristine deposits over 300m below the earth’s surface. These contain key minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.
Silver stones help keep the tank clean and ensure you get the best quality water each and every day.
Find out more about alkaline water, countertop water filters and all things water filter over on our blog. Hydrate your body and mind at zazen.