Creating Alkaline Mineral Water: Hungry Water Vs Balanced Water Is Key!

One of the key principals and purpose of the zazen Alkaline Water System’s 10 Stage State-of-the-Art micro filtration process is to rebalance, remineralise (with a balanced range of alkaline minerals) and restructure your drinking water into an ideal state for hydration.

This means that the water is in a “balanced state” and “not hungry”. If water is “hungry” e.g. acidic (pH is below 7.0) or lacking in alkaline minerals (eg. water created using reverse osmosis technology), it will always seek to rebalance itself – just as our body seeks to keep our blood in pH (7.369) balance.

When water is in an unbalanced state it looks to pull from its surrounds and will leach whatever it comes into contact with, pulling nutrients from your body or chemicals if kept in unsafe plastic containers. Most bottled water is acidic, some we have tested are as low as 5.5 pH!

The zazen Alkaline Water System’s 10 Stage State-of-the-Art micro filtration process ensures that if the water entering the zazen top tank is in a “hungry state” – by the time it reaches the bottom tank, it will actually be sitting in a natural healthy environment supporting the water, allowing it to rebalance itself “naturally” and healthily.

  • The zazen Alkaline Water System Bottom Tank has natural alkaline mineral stones sitting in it. 
  • These unique and pristine natural mineral stones enable water as its first preference, to take up alkaline minerals from the natural stones. In this balanced state it is “not hungry” and will not seek to draw anything more from anywhere else.

Creating water naturally in a balanced state is the most critical aspect of the zazen Alkaline Water System process ensuring healthy, hydrating water that tastes delicious!

In summary, whichever bottom tank you decide to purchase, you will be enjoying delicious, nourishing alkaline mineral water that hydrates you immediately at a cellular level! 

Is the zazen Glass Bottom Tank better than the zazen BPA-Free Plastic Tank?

No, the decision is simply individual preference. We designed and built the glass tank to give our customers a choice… some of our customers simply prefer glass.

Approximately half of our customers choose the BPA-Free Plastic Bottom Tank.

  • Did you know - when you purchase a zazen Alkaline Water System with Glass Bottom Tank you also receive the BPA-Free Plastic tank as well?
  • This added value means you have a back up tank should you wish to travel with your zazen Alkaline Water System as the BPA-Free plastic tank is a more durable and light weight option.