New Healthy Food Pyramid Tells Us To Choose Water


We are thrilled to see a new and improved "Healthy Eating Pyramid" from Nutrition Australia. The pyramid shows at the bottom to "Choose Water" as your beverage of choice.  They state that the simplest way to get healthier is to cut down on junk food and sugary drinks. We couldn't agree more of course, and most of our customers are not only focused on filtering and alkalising their water, but choosing organic fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, herbs and eating a diet that is oriented to alkaline foods that have been grown to sustain their nutritional value.

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We also recommend this as part of our 'Discover the 5 Things You Must Do to Live a Longer, Healthier Life' poster. Our overall goal is to help people do this simply, and the simplest first step you can take is to choose water, and ensure the water you are choosing is clean of toxins, industrial poisons, heavy metals like lead, mercury and copper, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, carcinogens, bacteria, cysts and other parasites, chlorine, fluoride, and then it is re-energised with magnetic energy, far infrared energy and alkaline minerals so that when you drink it, you are hydrated at a cellular level. Not all water does this, and most water we drink from the tap just passes through the body unable to be absorbed.

Know where your food comes from 

We have drunk Alkaline Mineral Water and eaten this type of diet for many years now. We enjoy our regular Sunday early morning (sometimes it seems a little too early!) outing to the organic Farmers Markets in Windsor, Brisbane where we stock up on our weekly fruit and veges, eggs, the odd loaf of sourdough bread, raw honey, and organic dairy. The bananas from Merv who lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland are our favourite for our daily health shake - it always tastes better with Merv's bananas! We add to the blender 2 cups of zazen Alkaline Water, 1 and half frozen bananas, some ice, cacao powder, spirulina, prebiotic powder, barley grass and an alkalising greens powder, maca powder, turmeric, slippery elm, coconut oil from our friends at Coconut Magic (fellow MBS Exhibitors where we load up with about 2 dozen jars each show for us and our family), and often some other new wholefood we are trialling. We eat at the few, but increasing, organic cafes near our office and home, and love dinner at Market Organics and Fundamentals in Brisbane. We eat meat and order our bio-dynamic meat from Lyle and Peter (father and son farmers from out west of Brisbane) who lovingly care for their animals, and manage the process of delivering the meat as food to us in the city with love and care and dedication (they have a mailing list, so if you live in South-East Qld and want to order bio-dynamic beef and lamb email us for their details).

We of course eat chocolate and delicious pastries, but mostly bake our own at home with gluten free flour (Orgran is the best, you can't tell the difference) and we don't laden the food with sugar as most gluten free food found in cafes and shops is these days. If we need to sweeten it, we choose raw honey, maple syrup or coconut flower nectar (again from Jenny at Coconut Magic). 

We love food, who doesn't!! We enjoy it most when we know where it has come from, who has grown it, and what is really in it. And it's not hard, today it's very easy, and we save money by not shopping at the supermarket!

For more information on the new Healthy Food Pyramid from Nutrition Australia, click here.