Nikken Pimag Customers - Here Is Some Good News

It was announced by Nikken Australia that it will be closing its doors by end September 2015. Since then, we have been contacted by many concerned and anxious Nikken PiMag customers and Consultants who are trying to find a company who can supply replacement parts for their Nikken PiMag water filter so they can continue to use this product. The great news for these customers is that zazen Water parts fit the Nikken PiMag 15 and 10 litre systems, and in fact, we have been servicing now thousands of Nikken customers for the past 8 years already.

Do the zazen Water parts fit the Nikken PiMag filter?

Yes! For full details, click here to read more.

I have the 10 litre Nikken PiMag system with a blue adaptor, do your parts fit this filter?

Yes! We have a modified version of the Ceramic Filter - product code 802N - which specifically fits the Nikken PiMag 10 litre system. All other parts fit standard both the 10 litre and 15 litre Nikken PiMag filters. Just mention when ordering you have a 10 litre system and we will supply the correct parts for your filter.

I have always wanted to remove fluoride, does your filter do this?

Yes!  We have always reduced fluoride with our Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge which reduces up to 90% of the fluoride in tap water which has been added to our water supplies. This was a key goal for our water filter as most water filters on the market, and many that come directly from Asia without being modified for Australia and New Zealand, do not reduce fluoride as they are not designed for it as water is not fluoridated in Asia.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! zazen Water has been rapidly growing since we began in 2007 and will continue to grow supporting customers and Practitioners all over Australia, as well as internationally as we expand.