pH Level Of Filtered Tap Water & Alkaline Water

Just like our bodies, all water has a pH (potential hydrogen) level. The pH level is the measurement of hydrogen ions concentration, which uses the acidic/alkaline scale is 0-14. Anything above 7 on the scale is considered alkaline, anything under 7 is acidic.

Most regular tap water is in the middle, at around 7pH. Our bodies are normally between a pH level of 7.35 and 7.45. And your pH balance is an important factor in your general health and wellbeing. 

For optimum health, our bodies need to maintain this healthy level of alkalinity. Otherwise, an imbalance in pH can lead to sickness and disease through acidosis (low body pH - less than 7.35) and alkalosis (high body pH - higher than 7.45).

To ensure your body maintains a healthy alkaline state, it’s important that the pH level of your water is optimally balanced. You can easily test your current water supply, be that filtered tap water, bottled water, rainwater or pond water, using a pH water tester.


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You can also easily attain your optimal alkaline water pH balance of 7.4pH with the zazen Alkaline Water System, which can offer alkaline water with a potential 8.5 pH level using our zazen Alkalinity & Anti-oxidant Enhancer.

Keep reading to find out more about pH levels of alkaline water vs filtered tap water.

What Is The pH Level Of Alkaline Water? 

In broad terms, alkaline water is any water with a pH level over 7. However, there is a common fallacy that alkaline is king, and that more is better. This is certainly not the case.

Certainly, an overly acidic body (a pH level lower than 7.4) can cause disease, and this tendency toward acidity is increasingly common today because of our diets (and lifestyle) . Our over consumption of sugar, highly processed foods and drinks together with increasing dehydration., added to that, a tendency towards less movement and exercise.

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For these reasons, more people than ever are switching to alkaline water and diets in order for their bodies to become more balanced. But many alkaline water products produce extremely high alkaline water of 8.5–11pH! This is potentially dangerous as it can lead to alkalosis, due to decreased carbon dioxide or too much bicarbonate in the blood.

By nature, our blood pH is ideally balanced and tuned to be only slightly alkaline (around 7.4). The human body sets about daily to maintain that balance. Neutral is 7. Why is this important? To act as a measuring stick; to temper our understanding of the alkaline effect and help us recognise that excessive alkalinity is not ideal. 

That’s the key to zazen’s philosophy and purpose: to provide balanced alkaline mineral water that has both an alkaline benefit to the body and is ideal for cellular hydration. You can rest assured knowing the pH level of our alkaline water system is at least 7.4 to match your body’s natural alkalinity.

We do also offer an Alkalinity and Anti-oxidant Enhancer. This is designed for those with an acidic body or for athletes keen to rehydrate more effectively.

It helps to increase the pH alkalinity along with essential minerals and electrolytes in your drinking water by releasing ionised magnesium. It also increases far infrared (vibrational energy) said to assist blood purification, promote growth and inhibit harmful metal ions. 

The result is alkaline water with an optimal pH level offering far more electrolytes and alkaline minerals than sports drinks like Powerade and Gatorade. 

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What Is The pH Level Of Filtered Tap Water vs Alkaline Water?

Both filtered tap water and filtered bottled water vary greatly in terms of filtered water pH levels, usually hovering somewhere between 6.5-7pH.

Due to their rudimentary filtering processes, valuable mineral content is often filtered out along with the dangerous toxins and contaminants. This can lower the pH level of filtered water, making it less alkaline.

Many common, at-home water filters also rid water of its natural crystal structure and strip it of beneficial minerals. This process can also decrease the pH level of tap water, leading a lot of people to refer to filtered water as ‘dead water’.

This is the key contrast between alkaline water vs filtered tap water: both filter the bad stuff, but unlike tap water, alkaline water is alive with minerals, oxygen and energy that help ensure your body thrives and prospers.

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What Is The Best pH Value For Drinking Water?

Normal human blood has a pH range of 7.35-7.45. This means the ideal pH for the body is slightly alkaline. If blood pH goes too low (more acidic) or too high (more alkaline), it can cause symptoms and disease.

Your lungs and kidneys are the main organs that help balance the pH of blood, as they remove carbon dioxide through breathing, and acids through urine and excretion, respectively.

Losing too much water from your body can increase your blood’s pH level through the loss of key electrolytes like sodium and potassium. It goes without saying then, that one of the easiest ways promote a healthy, alkaline body is to drink alkaline water with an optimal pH level and containing a balanced range of alkaline (electrolyte) minerals.

The zazen Alkaline Water System delivers quality alkaline water with an ideal pH balance, using a state-of-the-art filtration process that keeps key alkaline minerals to energise your body and keep it at its optimal alkaline state.

Find out more about testing water pH, body pH and all things water filter related on our zazen Water Blog.


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