Preventing Fatigue to Optimise Your Potential

Fatigue is a normal part of life. If you live a busy life, by the end of a normal day you will feel some degree of fatigue. For many, a good night’s sleep handles their general fatigue.

The first distinction I am going to ask in relation to fatigue is this. Are you seeking to reduce your fatigue or are you seeking to optimise your energy, endurance and capacity to stay focused on the job at hand?

Having an attitude to get rid of fatigue has a less positive feel to it. If however you are going for optimising your energy and enthusiasm, then you will perhaps enjoy the whole exploration more.

So here is a blueprint for high energy and zest for life.

  1. Hydrate yourself adequately every day.Low hydration compromises blood flow, which reduces oxygen delivery to the brain and other tissues. The body naturally slows down and wants to rest and sleep to protect itself and because it just does not have the capacity for work. Oxygen is pretty much everything. To ensure adequate hydration, build up to drinking 1 litre of water for every 25 kilograms of body weight per day. If you exercise or work outdoors or are involved in heavy manual tasks, you will need more. The best guide in these circumstances is to keep your urine close to water colour and make sure you have a big urination every couple of hours.
  2. Keep your body alkaline. When you create acidity in your body, you reduce the capacity of your blood to carry oxygen and energy levels drop. Soft drinks, heavily processed foods, refined grains, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and animal foods create acidity. Whilst you think citrus might be acidic, they are actually alkalizing due to their phosphorus content. So the old adage of “lots of fresh fruit and vegetables” stands true here.
  3. Check your breathing.Mouth breathers tend to blow off too much carbon dioxide, which causes acidity in the blood and reduces oxygen carrying capacity. If you have asthma, or sleep apnoea or if you snore, it is a good idea to do a Buteyko Breathing program to restore genuine balance in your breathing.
  4. Get some exercise. This helps build blood volume, capacity, haemoglobin count (the oxygen carrier) and generally make your body functionally more efficient. It also helps your waste and elimination systems (bowel and lymph) function efficiently.
  5. Take care of your gut.Go online and learn how to make Kombucha Tea soft drink. It is a great tasting and very refreshing drink that loads your guy with a powerful dose of probiotics. You can also do the same with Kefir water and fermented vegetables. There are some incredible instructional videos on YouTube.
  6. Handle your worries.Most of what we worry about has not yet happened and probably will not happen. Worry takes us out of the present moment and takes the joy out of the simple things in life. Worry consumes our attention, stimulates negative thinking, and in the end stimulates the release of hormones and other chemicals that effect your mood and the pH of your blood. Another cause of acidity.
  7. Become aware of your resistances.For example, many people go to work each day and start wishing they could be elsewhere. The problem is that they are the ones who decided to do that job. But here they are, at work, totally resisting being there. This is profoundly exhausting as it is akin to having a tug of war with yourself.
  8. Be mindful of your minerals. Low Iron or Zinc can lead to flatness. Make sure you consume lots of green vegetables, and if you can, add a Green Powder to your morning smoothie. Ask your local health food shop proprietor for the best one.
  9. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you are not waking up naturally in the morning, you may need to go to bed a bit earlier. Make sure also that you are not going to bed dehydrated. When you wake up, drink 25% of your daily water requirement to ensure immediate hydration in the morning.
  10. Finally, practice kindness and be grateful for your life. Look at what is going on around you right now. There are people there. Take your attention off yourself and choose to be kind to others. Smile. Say Hello. Acknowledge someone for their good efforts in the world, or for how cool their outfit or their hair is. Be friendly and interested in other people. Be grateful that you actually live in a good place and have all the opportunities you need to live a good life. When you live this way your spirit will soar and you will have abundant energy.


About John Toomey

I am a Queenslander who lives in Victoria. Born on a Cattle Station out near Roma, we moved around a bit first to a dairy farm, a country pub and finally, at the age of 10, we left the bush and my Dad took over a pub in the heart of Collingwood. I suppose after that change, nothing really shocks me, so I am a pretty relaxed customer. As a kid, I loved Football and Cricket and loved being fit. I had a crack at every sport. Underneath all of that was a deep sense of wonder. My religious education didn’t give me the answers so I developed a ‘yearning for learning’; to find out; to know. Whether it was the pub upbringing, or something in my genes, I developed a capacity to use words to help others to understand. With a passion for story-telling and a deep desire to explore, I went down many roads.

Since completing my Phys. Ed. degree in 1981, I have served 7 AFL teams as either a conditioning coach and/or nutritionist, partially completed a Masters, I’ve written books, e-books, 100’s of articles, lectured in Universities, studied with people who live on the edge of discovery and have presented over 1500 seminars in the corporate arena. My quest for answers led me to The Avatar Course where I found completion in my search for understanding. I now teach the course in Australia, NZ and the US. In recent years, I have taken my extensive skills sets in Wellness and Athletic Performance and molded them into an extensive and powerful Fatigue Prevention Program of businesses across the world. So far, I have taken the work into Mining, Construction, Road Transport and Rail with great success.

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