Pure Water and Essential Oils – Best Buddies!

There’s a lot of talk about water, and hydrating properly. Equally there is a lot of confusion about the matter too!  I’ve always said, water is crucial to any health regime, you simply can’t go through a day without it, and the quality of the water is so important.

We take clean and pure water for granted in our Western world, but is treated water really any better than the water you would collect from a clear flowing stream, is it really that clean and pure?  That’s a whole other article.

Hazards in Tap Water

There are many hazards that come with drinking standard tap water, and these days people are educated enough to know that their standard tap water does need some sort of repairing or filtering.  That’s why I’ve aligned myself with some particularly good water filtration systems over the years like the zazen Alkaline Water System.  The good news about water is you can give it a little more information, that is you can add something to H2O to make it even more bio-available.  The extra information can make it easier for your body to utilize and distribute nutrients and instructions that are needed for all of the body employees to do their various tasks.

These instructions are crucial for repair and maintenance and just like in a factory you must have your employees worded up and instructed on the jobs that need to be carried out during the day.  I can give you the technical version of all this, but I know you will remember it more when I refer to your body as a factory and the employees in the factory carrying out tasks depending on energy.

I tell my clients to drink up to 250 ml of water every morning before 9.00am because that sort of hydration only takes care of the brain to begin with.  Then after 9.00am I suggest to keep drinking as much as is comfortable and appropriate.  Now some people are going to tell you, that you can drink too much water, and others will say you need to drink several litres a day for maximum benefit.  Realistically you can only take in so much, and your body and physical activity will dictate just how much water you eventually take in.  There are days when I drink more water because my body dictates to me by levels of fatigue or perspiration, that it’s time to top up the tank.

What’s the go with water and information?

What do I mean by that?  Well you can add green powders to water to give your body more chlorophyll or you can add certain drops or essences for enhancing absorption and metabolism.  You can use herbs and tinctures properly prescribed by wellness practitioners, who know what dose is appropriate, and you can use essential oils, but not just any old essential oils, because not all essential oils can be consumed internally.

I use DoTERRA essential oils because they are the best I’ve personally come across in over 32 years of using essential oils.  What I’m particularly excited about is using water and essential oils.  Particularly the citrus oils.  There have been studies on mice that were found to have no Glutathione in them, but when supplemented with D-Limonene (found in citrus oils); the levels went back to normal. D-Limonene can be found in up to 70% in lemons, 98% in Grapefruit, and 95% in Wild Orange. D-Limonene is wonderful for the central nervous system and extremely helpful for moving inflammation out of the body.  My suggestion is to consume citrus oils every day, up to 17 drops would be great, and if it’s the right citrus oil, it can’t possibly hurt you.  The citrus oil is extracted from the rind of the citrus fruits.  For an absolute immune boost make sure 2 of your glasses of water have a minimum of 2-3 drops of citrus oil included with the water. 

Annie's Wellness Tip – room temperature water is better because cold water cramps the bowel, and room temperature water is kinder to the digestive system and more welcomed by the employees.

Pure water and essential oils, one equals the other.

Essential oils and water are best buddies because when you start using essential oils intelligently, the body will look for more water in the tissues to help utilise the nutrients.  Hydration is crucial for maximum benefits!  If you are not hydrated enough then and only then complications can arise, like getting a headache or feeling a little off balance. Water is the key for absorbing other nutrients and keeping you energetically fit and regular.

About Annie Clark

Dip. LHc.  Iridologist, NES practitiner.  Author / Lifestyle Health Consultant / Guest Speaker for Health and Wellness Topics.

Annie believes success in health and life is nothing more than a decision away and she helps her clients find health in body, mind and spirit so they feel enlightened, inspired and empowered to look after themselves.  She is a qualified Lifestyle Health Consultant and her consultations can include health and nutrition coaching, Iridology and Nutri-energenics Analysis.  She consults with women, men and children on the Sunshine Coast hinterland or via phone or skype consultation.

Sharing her knowledge is what she enjoys most and she has written a number of  books on health, raw food, weight loss, food combining digestion and its link to longevity, gluten free cooking and living well, plus one on walking the Kokoda Track! She also runs Interactive Seminars like The Art of Wellnesswhich brings together health and wellbeing experts for a one-day event. She also runs Raw Food Workshops several times a month where she demonstrates ways of preparing more live food into your diet and they always finish with a magnificent raw food lunch (we speak from experience!)

For more information on any of the above, please contact Annie directly on 0402 166 187 or visit her web site The Art of Wellness.

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