Is Tank Water Safe To Drink In The Zazen Water System?

We have hundreds of customers who put their rain / tank water into their zazen Alkaline Water System. Although rainwater has not been chemically treated (chlorine / fluoride etc.) - it can still become contaminated through different avenues. Rainwater is also generally acidic (less than 7.0 pH). If you have an older concrete tank the water will pull the calcium from the concrete and can be slightly alkaline but will be unbalanced and not ideal to hydrate (we cover that later in this blog).

Rain / tank water can be acidic and usually contains parasites and other harmful pathogens if it is not filtered. The zazen Alkaline Water System effectively filters these and creates a healthy, balanced, great tasting alkaline water, ideal for cellular hydration. At zazen Water, we believe that being properly hydrated is foundational to wellbeing and the prevention of and recovery from illness and disease.

Can I use my rain / tank water through the zazen Alkaline Water System?

That depends on if you are already drinking your rain / tank water: 

  • If you already drink your tank water successfully then YES. You will notice a significant improvement in the quality and taste of your water.
  • If you are NOT currently drinking your tank water then we recommend that prior to putting it in the zazen Alkaline Water System, your source water must be tested by a local water testing authority. This will determine if it is safe to drink or if it contains anything harmful to health.

Tanks should also be cleaned on a regular basis - we have had customers tell us that they have found possum carcasses in their tank water when they have cleaned it out! Ahhh! 

Points to consider about drinking your rain / tank water:

  • As your rain water falls from the sky, it is passing through a layer of pollution - picking up impurities before it even reaches your tank. 
  • If you are in a rural area - there may be spraying of herbicides / pesticides that can make their way into your tank water supply.
  • If your tank catchments come from a roof, your rain water may pass over animal droppings / waste before entering your tank.
  • Over time these impurities can compound in the bottom of your tank (organic matter / algae / sediment etc.) & cause ongoing contamination.
  • Because the water has not filtered through the earth (picking up natural minerals) it is generally quite acidic (low pH).
  • Depending on the type of tank you have (plastic / cement etc.) the water will pull from the tank in a hunt for minerals - thus absorbing impurities instead.

Using the zazen Alkaline Water System to filter your rain / tank water, once you have determined it is safe to drink will absolutely improve the taste and quality of the water you and your family drink every day. The zazen Alkaline Water System transforms your drinking water into a balanced, great tasting water that is designed to cleanse, nourish and hydrate every cell in your body.

Properties of the zazen Alkaline Water System

Maintenance Tip – Tank Water

Tank water contains all sorts of organic matter, chemicals, spores and cysts – therefore cleaning the zazen Ceramic Filter often may be required as it will discolour with green and black spots (see image below). This is quite normal for tank water as the Ceramic Filter is filtering down to 0.2 of a micron, trapping cysts, algae and mould spores which can be wiped off its surface. What you see on the outside of the zazen Ceramic Filter is being removed from the source water so you don't drink it!!

Cleaning tip zazen Ceramic Filter

Your zazen Ceramic filter should be fine for up to 12 months before you need to replace it, however with tank water you may be cleaning it often and may need to replace it sooner due to the amount of organic matter coming in from your tank.

Click here to read how the zazen Alkaline Water System State-of-the-Art 10 stage filtration and remineralisation process is designed to ensure the water you drink is optimized for cellular hydration. Cellular hydration is foundational to the recovery from and prevention of illness and disease, helping support a longer, healthier life.