Do I Need A Water Filter If My Tap Water Is Already Alkaline?

Image Source: the above photo was sent to us by one of our customers.  The mains water pipe in her street was being fixed, and this was the photo she took.  She emailed to say she was grateful she had a zazen Alkaline Water system!

Yes, many metropolitan water supplies across Australia can be alkaline but that does not mean it is good for you. This goes to the very essence of what zazen Alkaline Water aims to remedy, and is an important question to answer. 

Part of the zazen Water mission is to educate on the impact of alkalinity and to qualify the belief that more alkaline is always good. It is not quite that simple.  Let’s first understand how certain Australian water supplies can become alkaline, and then we will tackle why this is not ideal, and how zazen Water works with this and consistently delivers water that hydrates at a cellular level.

Understanding alkalinity and its dangers

Your town water or even tank water may be alkaline because of a number of factors but it is generally due to the presence of organic matter (as described below), or high calcium content (which is unbalanced), or a combination of both. 

High organic matter

Leaf litter and other dead or lying material in the originating water supplies occur due to natural weather conditions (especially after flooding from run off or drought conditions due to a high concentration at the bottom of water supply lakes and catchment areas). This can potentially increase the alkalinity of city water supplies because as the matter rots and decays it naturally releases alkaline minerals.

Next, water treatment plants take this water through a complete filtration and disinfectant process. This involves filtering large particles to provide clear drinking water, while adding disinfectants such as chlorine to kill bugs, bacteria and viruses, so we don’t get sick from ingesting it. One of the most common waterborne illnesses is diarrhoea. 

What goes wrong?

The organic matter begins to rot and break down in the water, which releases natural alkaline minerals into the water (hence the increased alkalinity). Next, the bacteria and bugs and other microorganisms that reside in the water are killed by the disinfectants, which also release minerals back into the water, as well as proteins. So far, things are looking good. The water increases in alkalinity and is then filtered and cleaned.

Unfortunately there is a little more happening during this process. The proteins combine with the disinfectants to cause deadly chemicals in our drinking water called Trihalomethanse (THM’s). These are a known carcinogenic. 

Our drinking water is transported to our homes through the city network of pipes which are dark and unfortunately full of organic matter and bugs which the water comes into contact with along the way. This requires consistent disinfecting to kill the bugs so we don’t get sick when we drink the water. This is good, but it is crucial to have these disinfectants then filtered out at point of use, which is in your home, before drinking.  This is where zazen Water comes into play.

We may have water arriving in our homes that is alkaline due to the minerals released by organic matter or calcium deposits - but this does not mean it is good for us nor will it hydrate us. It has toxins/chemicals, dead parasites and disinfectants that need to be filtered out before the water is in a balanced and ideal state.

Most tap and bottled water simply flows through us or causes us to bloat!

Much town and tap water in Australia will flow straight through us without being absorbed in any meaningful or healing way. Many people complain of drinking copious amounts of water while still feeling thirsty and even bloated!  zazen Water remedies this and ensures you hydrate on a cellular level which is the purpose of water.

Why Do We Need A Water Purifier?

With the amount of chemicals and organic matter found in our water, coupled with the level of water treatment that goes into disinfecting it, there are many reasons why we need a water purifier today more than ever.

A water purifier acts as a water filter, helping to:

  • Filter rust, sediment, organic matter, mould and spores
  • Reduce or remove fluoride from drinking water
  • Filter out chlorine
  • Inhibit bacteria and toxins, such as e coli and arsenic
  • Remove heavy metals like lead, aluminium and mercury
  • Significantly reduce ammonium, detergents
  • Save you money on bottled water

It goes without saying that effective water filtering by a water purifier spares you any potential health issues from all of the nasty contaminants listed above, as well as many more.

As a member of the Water Quality Association, zazen is dedicated to providing high quality water and filters in our alkaline water systems, shower heads, parts and other innovative alkaline water products.

How To Filter Tap Water For Drinking?

There are numerous methods for how to filter tap water for drinking. The first, distillation, dates back to the 4th century A.D, when sailors desalinated seawater using boilers on ships, capturing the steam and condensing it back into filtered water.

Since then, water filters have come a long way. Today, there are water filters that attach to taps, water ionizers that are installed as permanent fixtures into kitchens, reverse osmosis water filters that force water through a specially crafted membrane, and of course bottled water that uses various methods to pre-filter it for you.

But all of these have their downsides. Distillation is slow and ineffective. Water ionizers use harsh electrical pulses to split the water molecules. Reverse osmosis filters risk removing everything from water, including both the contaminants and the beneficial minerals and electrolytes. Plus bottled water is bad for the environment for starters.

None of these issues can be said about a zazen Water Filter. Our water filtration system features a 10 stage process that filters out the disinfectants, toxins, heavy metals and so much more, before then replenishing it with natural minerals and silver.

The purpose and key distinctions of the zazen Alkaline Water system

We take your originating town water and transform it into water of exceptional quality that will hydrate you at a cellular level, and is clean and healthy, without the disinfectants and toxins capable of causing harm.

  1. To ensure your body does not become a filter, the zazen Alkaline Water system has a 10 Stage State-of-the-Art filtration process.
  2. We transform your water into high quality alkaline mineral water - a delicious water ideal for you to drink that will hydrate you through a balanced range of alkaline minerals (also known as electrolytes), without the deadly toxins in it.
  3. We create an alkaline mineral water, which has a balanced range of minerals required by the body to aid hydration. These minerals are chloride (not chlorine), sodium, potassium and magnesium.
  4. Hydration is foundational to the prevention of disease or the recovery from it and assisting you live a longer healthier life. The body is after all mostly 75% water. Every cellular function requires water (read blog post 10 Reasons to Drink Good Water).

Read more about how the zazen Water System works and its key benefits in The Facts which is an excellent description of the whole process and also the how zazen Alkaline Water actually benefits you and works in your body to reduce the toxin load, and help improve general wellness.

When you drink zazen Alkaline Water, you do not get bloated or feel full. This effect does not happen by accident. It is because the water is being absorbed and is hydrating at a cellular level immediately - it exists in an ideal state and structure, just as water is found in nature.

And be sure to find out more about our products and alkaline water over on our blog.

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