Ensuring Safe Drinking Water with zazen Water

Australian Water and PFAS (PFOS and PFOA) Contamination:

What You Need to Know

Recent media coverage has raised further awareness on the dangers of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), also known as “forever chemicals.” These chemicals are persistent in the environment and have been found in water supplies around the world, including Australia.

What are PFAS (PFOS and PFOA)?

PFAS is an umbrella term for thousands of fluorinated compounds. They are widely used in the home and industry for their heat-resistant and non-stick properties, commonly found in products like Teflon (non-stick) cookware, furniture and carpets treated for stain resistance, foams used for firefighting (also known as aqueous film-forming foam [AFFF]), packaged food containers, make up and personal care products, and cleaning products.



These chemicals are highly resistant to breaking down in the environment, leading to widespread contamination concerns.

Most people have had exposure to PFAS due to everyday household items described above. 

Addressing Concerns – You must filter your water!

We understand there is a lot of fear and uncertainty about the levels of PFAS’s in drinking water.  We recommend if you are concerned you use a high-quality carbon filter to filter PFAS’s in your drinking water. 

How does the zazen Water System filter PFAS, PFOS & PSOA?

The zazen Alkaline Water System uses as one of 10 stages high quality activated carbon, proven to filter and reduce PFAS (PFOS & PSOA) from drinking water. 

We have thousands of customers using their zazen Water System to filter not only municipal tap water but also rain tank water and bore water*.

*If you are not currently drinking your bore or tank water, we recommend you test it first then contact our Specialist Customer Service team to discuss before using the zazen Water System or any other water filter system.

Who to Call

If you are in any of the regions identified with potential PFAS issues in the drinking water, we suggest you start filtering your water with a high-quality water filter or buy bottled water. You can undertake water testing or call your local water supplier who are government regulated to test your local drinking water and report results.  

Government Advice

The Australian Government web site provides site-specific advice to people living near PFAS investigation areas, on ways to reduce their exposure. Click here for more information


Commitment to Clean Water

We are dedicated to providing clean, safe drinking water that tastes great.

Our advanced 10-stage filtration system, including a Ceramic pre-filter (down to 0.2 microns) and Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), effectively filters PFAS.

The zazen multi-stage filter system incorporates hospital-grade GAC, proven to be effective in PFAS filtration.

Example of Effectiveness:

  • Testing performed on Brisbane Tap Water by SAS Laboratories for zazen Water: <0.005ug/L per litre (ug/L is 1 billion micrograms per litre).

Important Considerations:

  1. Flow Rate: Slow gravity flow ensures optimal filtration time with adsorbing media.
  2. High-Quality Carbon: Essential for effective PFAS removal.
  3. Depth of Carbon Bed: Critical for maximizing contaminant contact time.
  4. Maintenance: Regular replacement of filtration units is necessary to maintain effectiveness.

At zazen water, we prioritize your health and safety by providing a trustworthy solution for PFAS filtration. Our advanced 10 Stage state-of-the-art Filtration and Remineralisation System ensures that your drinking water is clean and safe from a wide range of toxins in your drinking water and is rebalanced and structured for optimum hydration and taste.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about PFAS, please call us at AU:1300 78 24 25, or email us at contactus@zazen.com.au.

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