Adrenal Fatigue - are you in fight, fright or freeze mode?

In our natural state of being, we are cool, calm and collected. When both sides of our brain are functioning, our body temperature is regulated and we may focus on whatever it is that we must do. When our adrenals are activated and consequently fatigued, our corpus callosums (which normally allow our brains to gather information from their right and left sides) shut down, reverting us to our primal instincts. We are forced into ‘fight, flight or freeze’ (adrenal fatigue) and get hot and sweaty as our bodies go on guard, becoming confused. Our breath becomes shallow and fear, anxiety, and stress start to settle in as our thought processes stop and we become scattered. We may then try to reclaim the control we have lost by desperately seeking control over other things or people. By becoming control freaks, we then allow ourselves to procrastinate from the pursuit of our ultimate visions.

Serving our Highest Good

We are at an important time in human evolution, where new and intense energy is coming into our experience of life. It is calling us all to actively pursue our purpose, our truth, and our individuality. There is no longer any excuse to escape from this pursuit – because if we try, we are now only denying ourselves the truth. It is time to take responsibility for our actions and their reactions, and to serve our own highest good by courageously stepping outside of our comfort zones where necessary. It is time to be again as we were passing through the pressure of the birth canal and its inherent security, into a new and unknown world. A beautiful client of mine has just done this. He left Melbourne to live in America, despite the fear he felt. Like an infant learning its first steps, he began anew. As in birth, we will ultimately go alone to the other side of this life. We alone will be accountable as to whether we have done the best that we could at all times to fulfil our visions and realise our destinies. We alone will know whether we have done our best to help ourselves, and others.

A Simple Exercise

As you move through the state of mere survival into the energy of revival, your body will recognise that it no longer needs to be poised for emergency, and that the internal war is over. You will then have the capacity to assess and balance all of your body’s functions. From this place, you will be able to begin thriving! Beginning this journey can be as simple as applying laughter as medicine. The simple act of smiling will allow the brain to relax into the knowledge that the war within is over.

Remaining Cool, Calm and Collected

Right here, right now, it is your choice to remain cool, calm and collected – to connect to your essential energy and to pursue your vision. It is your choice to create your future in the present moment, and to perceive the steps that will get you there. To arrive at where the magic resides, you will need to step out of your comfort zone – but feel secure in knowing that this may be a gradual process. I urge you to have the curiosity and enthusiasm of an infant who is just starting to walk into the new world that awaits them. I urge you to go there. I urge you to dare to dream, and go for it!

About Sharon Tal


With profound commitment to her own growth and her progress as a healer, Sharon became a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher; Kinergetics Instructor; Touch for health Instructor; and Reset Instructor trainer. Sharon translated both Reset and Kinergetics into Hebrew, teaching these overseas as well.

She holds a regular meditation circle that has run since 2001 and facilitates a number of workshops for individuals and professional organisations.

Sharon has completed an intensive study of nutrition, herbal remedies, and weight management and holds Diplomas in Kinesiology andin Counselling.

Together with Kinesiology and Counselling, Sharon utilises skills that have been developed from knowledge of the Kabbalah, Native American philosophies, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Seichim and Kinergetics; thereby providing a rich basis to teach and guide those who wish to walk their own spiritual path.

Her passion to help people, on all levels, encouraged Sharon to open a detox centre. Here, she supports people in their journey of cleansing the mind, body and spirit.

Years of experience with psychic work and channeling also enhance Sharon’s ability to pinpoint core issues, and to assist each individual in their unique journey. With gentle and safe, yet firm and truthful values, together with her extensive experience, Sharon assists her clients in removing the hurdles that can keep them stuck in outworn ways of being.


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